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Print Shops: It’s Time to Match Your Customers’ Expectations

by Sheri Levitt

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Since online services and options became available, the printing industry has been changing at a rapid pace and things are much different now than just a few years ago.  Customers can complete most of the ordering and payment processes online while also keeping track of order history and proofs.  The time required to produce and deliver an order is significantly cut, reducing the total time required to complete a print job.

While many customers see the transformation as amazing, some printers view these technological changes as a threat.  Businesses that are not prepared find it very difficult to acquire new business and even keep loyal customers among more convenient and efficient options readily found online.

Expectations have changed, especially since the introduction of sites like Vistaprint and CustomInk.  At the very least, customers expect for nearly all products to be customizable.  Whether it be signs, banners, brochures, t-shirts, mugs or even engravable and wooden products, the modern print job must include very individualized options.  Beyond this, many customers also require the ability to create custom designs from personal pictures, sayings, brands and memories.  Once customers complete an enjoyable experience in which they can control nearly every step of the project, they will come to use the businesses that provide these cutting edge options along with a quick turnaround.

To successfully (and cost-effectively) transition your business online, you will need a website.  If you already have a printing website, you will need an online design tool and checkout process.  If you are facing financial difficulty already, it may not seem feasible – especially one finding out how much a custom site will cost to develop.  However, there are alternative solutions such as using a pre-made print and design script.  Instead of hiring a programmer or team to develop a website from scratch, you can purchase a pre-made script to easily edit.  Instead of taking weeks to months and thousands in development expenses, this option will allow you to take your business online in minutes to days at a very affordable price.

iScripts PrintLogic comes equipped with all the necessary features for a printing business to thrive online.  Rather than using a designer, customers can create their own designs by using clipart, adjusting test and even adding their own pictures.  Using AutoTrace, effective output files are created from these custom images.  Autotrace is a program which turns bitmap images to vector images. It can import images in BMP, TGA, PNM, PPM, PGM, PBM and those supported by ImageMagick, and can output Postscript, SVG, xfig, swf, pstoedit, emf, dxf, cgm, mif, p2e and sk.

After the design is complete, files will be converted on your end so you can easily create quality prints for your customers without a hassle.

To experience iScripts PrintLogic yourself, TRY THE LIVE DEMO! iScripts will also install your iScripts PrintLogic software for FREE on the virtual private server of your choice.

Even though technology has changed and the competition is fierce, some aspects of the printing business remain unchanged; such as quality customer service. With iScripts PrintLogic, you can still provide the best customer service experience while also staying ahead in the industry.

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