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Restaurant POS System Buyers’ Guide

by Aji Abraham

We are going to give you the scoop on the most popular POS systems available for a restaurant. In the last blog, we explored all of the features a POS system may include, but now we are going to help you figure out which system is optimal for your restaurant. Lets take a look at the systems that are out there to see which one not only has all the necessary features, but can also accommodate for growth.


Here are a few of the most popular POS systems that we found to be useful:

1. LAVU has an easy to use system that runs on an iPad. The software takes advantage of Apple’s modern technology and design. You can draw reports, integrate mobile ordering, and process credit card payments. The software is also scalable for small restaurants and effective for large chains that need organization.

2. Touch Bistro is another iPad system that is beneficial for “quick service” restaurants. They have special modes for food trucks, bars, pizzerias, and coffee shops. They even have a stadium POS so that people at a sports game don’t have to miss a second of the game! You can even take payments directly at the table.

3. Gotmerchant.com has a FREE system where you only have to pay a monthly per terminal fee. This is great for smaller operations that would like to keep their costs down. Not only do they have a restaurant system, but also a retail system. You can sell delicious food items on your menu along with other great gadgets and accessories that may help to brand or market your restaurant!

4. Netsuite has a POS that integrates with marketing operations as well as promotions. Netsuite’s system will help you take your business to the next level by jump starting your new marketing plans. Also, the mobile POS allows store owners or operators to view any back-end reports or data anywhere! You can even check up on the restaurant’s inventory from your mobile device.

5. My Axis Point is one of the larger systems that is designed for Windows. The system also has a guest count and seat indicators. The seating management system can also be used to manage customers in multiple areas if your restaurant has a mezzanine, bar area, or dining area.

6. Vivonet is a cloud based POS that offers service and assistance 24 hours a day! If you own a bar or restaurant that is open late night and your system ever encounters any issues, you will be thankful that you have Vivonet. Vivonet boasts the fact that their system can be found in several large chains across the globe including Taco Bell, Subway, Quiznos, and many others!

7. Aloha by Radiant Systems is a widely used POS that not only has versions available for the restaurant industry, but also hospitality and retail. The touch screen terminals and handheld devices are top sellers! You can even purchase PC workstations for your restaurant.

8. Micros which is now owned by the large analytics company, Oracle is another great solution. This solution is modular and can be used for any size business. Also, nightclubs as well as caterers often choose to use Micros. Also, they have a version for “hotel food service” in which the POS system can be integrated with your property management system.

9. POSitouch is another great choice for country clubs, cafeterias, or stadiums. This software is commonly used for hospitality oriented businesses. POSitouch is one of the leading software options and has a great back-end employee management system. Time cards, inventory, and other reporting can be useful!

10. Digital Dining has cloud, multi-store, and back office solutions in addition to the standard restaurant POS. They even have a handheld POS device that can be purchased if you want to have additional quick service. The experience is simple, scalable, and fast. What else is needed in a POS?

Be sure to find the right POS system for your restaurant! Make sure to fully look into the systems that you are considering and determine your needs before making an investment. Also, remember that iScripts NetMenus can integrate with your POS system to enhance your restaurant’s reach. You can view the full iScripts Netmenus demo today!

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