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PHP Survey Script

by Aji Abraham

Market research is an important aspect of any business. When you don’t have the budget for large studies and market research companies, conducting your own is a vital necessity. The good news is conducting your own market research doesn’t have to be a difficult task with php survey script options currently available.

Installing a php survey script on your server will allow you to create electronic surveys. What’s even better is that there are free software applications available on the market. iScripts EasyWebSurvey is a free application that can be used for conducting user surveys. All you need is a domain and hosting account. Then the script can be easily hosted on your site and even integrated with existing databases.

The software permits multi-page surveys on your website for market research purposes as well as customer feedback. Use the open response, single or multiple response options to create a perfectly constructed, unbiased survey and receive the most accurate responses suitable for future analysis and decision-making.
The software incorporates a clear, step-by-step process. No technical expertise is required. The script consists of multiple survey deployment options such as email and web links available for instant access to surveys. Automatically generated reports offer real-time results and analysis for research purposes.  With free software like this available, consumer research doesn’t have to be an expensive burden.

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