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Partnering SEO and Social Media: Enter XLWebMarketing

by Sheri Levitt

Are you looking for a way to attract local customers? Would you like to drastically increase sales at low cost? Have you been disappointed with low ROI from ad placements in the yellow pages, billboards, and other traditional formats?

XL Web Marketing has just launched a new suite of local marketing services to help you reach customers in your area. Our services include local search marketing, reputation management, loyalty programs, and even text message marketing to boost loyalty and engagement.

Mobile devices make it easier than ever before for customers to search for businesses in their local area. Google has developed nearly 50 million Places pages which are viewed millions of times each day, but only a small fraction of these have been claimed by business owners.  Customers submitted roughly 3 billion local search queries to Google in March 2010.  If you aren’t focusing your marketing efforts on attracting local customers and boosting your local rankings, you are missing out on a major shift in customer acquisition. Don’t let your competition beat you to it.

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Want to expand your marketing efforts beyond your local area?

Here at iScripts.com, we offer several SEO services to meet your business needs on both a local and more expansive scale.  Every company has individual needs and will work to create the most benefit for your unique situation.  Our affordable SEO services help you with everything from choosing the best keywords for determining your niche market, in order to place your company among the top rankings on major search engines.

We can move your business in the right direction by increasing the number of backlinks to your company.  This will impact your ranking, and doing so is now easier and more inclusive than ever.  Not only can backlinks be found on major websites, but links posted on Facebook and Twitter have now become permanent backlinks to your business. As social media continues to expand, understanding how to use it properly within the search engine optimization process becomes even more critical.  Our professional SEO staff can utilize this outlet, as well as many others, to attain high rankings for your website.

To find out how you can benefit from our SEO services, visit our website or call us today!

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