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How to Participate in the New Gig Economy from the Top Down?

by Milan Mathew

The days of people settling on a full-time job are slowly disappearing. A parallel economy is brewing and its successful implementations are evident. Although the idea may seem fresh, it has existed for years. This is the Gig Economy.

New Gig Economy

A gig economy is an environment with independent workers for short-term engagements. Gig economy is never a replacement for any business model, yet it is a highly promising one in the sense of its delivery model and resource management. It cannot be called an “innovative” business model but the implementation is certainly ground-breaking. It offers cheaper and efficient services which are mostly on-demand.

Organizations that are primarily not following this model are able to implement this to a certain extent and cut costs significantly. One such example would be colleges/universities hiring part-time lecturers instead of tenured ones. What we are explaining would be a total implementation of this model, top to bottom, and methods to reap success from it.

The gig economy trend has started. A research study says that by 2020 in America 40% of workers become independent contractors. In this digital age, there are a lot of short-term jobs risen along different forces.

The arrival of the internet and the freelance platforms which came with it revolutionized the way the gig economy functions. The demand and supply are similar to technological intervention. This decrease is mandatory in service businesses where time, availability and reliability are important. Thus, technology is the best enabler for a gig-economy to grow out as a major economic platform of the era.

The most prominent examples of gig-economy platforms would be Uber and Airbnb. The success of both businesses is tremendous. “How did they made the profit? Or where did they saved much?” The answers to these questions are where the real innovation lies.

The main advantages of a gig economy can be summarized as follows:

  • Flexibility and Freedom
  • Mobility
  • Global Productivity

Don’t you think it’s best to start an enterprise of this type without risking much investment and capital cost? This is certainly the best time to start out your own gig economy platform. Otherwise, the gig would be too noisy to have your voice stand out. Learn about how On-demand services change your business.

Your business can be local or having a wider reach. The best way to deploy the service is through a powerful online infrastructure. It gives you the opportunity to expand your service reach without spending much and with less difficulty. Well-coordinated and reliable systems are a must for this type of business. On-demand services are mostly initiated, executed and completed within a few hours to few days at the maximum and so, fast, self-updating and reliable systems to coordinate all the activities will be quintessential.

As mentioned before, technology is the greatest enabler for the gig economy, there should be no way settling for the technical side of your business. You have decided on your domain or areas of service that you are concentrating on and have set up a network of employees/providers/vendors for your own on-demand service platform. Now you are all set to concentrate on the infrastructure.

With iScripts UberforX, you won’t need to worry about this phase as this complete set of software packages gives you enough resources to start your on-demand service platform business with very little effort. iScripts UberforX is a solution that gives you the flexibility to run any Uber-like service site within multiple industries such as medical, auto, food, maids, taxis, and fitness.

A domain name, hosting space and iScripts UberforX, you are pretty much ready for starting out the online business with multiple vendors and providers in the backend to provide your customers with one or a range of on-demand services at ease.

iScripts UberforX already comes with a robust administrative control panel for the administrator to manage the operations of iScripts UberforX. This gives you full control over your business and the flexibility to choose how it operates online. There are numerous options and settings included in this script so that it may benefit a wide range of services, specialists, and industries.

It is not limited by the web-app only. In fact, Android and iOS apps exist for both users and vendors and also for the service provider/staff. This is included as part of the software bundle. Like all iScripts products, it is also open-source and ready to be customized at any level. Thus, it is the most comprehensive solution for your only gig-economy business.

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