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Online Website Builder Script Finished Beta Testing

by Sheri Levitt

Thank you all those who participated in the beta testing for iScripts EasyCreate site builder. We are now done with the bug fixes from the beta testing. the software is ready to rock and roll.

So who wants an online website builder script you ask? Well, this is an application perfect for web hosting companies, other ISPs, ASPs and other virtual communities. This software allows your users to create cool looking websites in few minutes. We have a sample site up and working at GoSites.com. ( Websites to Go!). At GoSites visitors can come and create a web site using one of the cool existing designs and publish the sites directly to websites or download it. People can create a site for free. If they like what they see they can buy it for a one time fee. The current fee is set at $19.00. isn’t easier and cheaper than getting a web designer (like say ….us) to do similar design and take 2-3 weeks? Take a look at one of the business models in action. You can charge your users, give free service to your users, It’s up to you.

How much it cost you, the hosting company? I don’t know yet. I am supposedly the pricing guy. Haven’t finished it yet. I have been doing some research on similar applications, and they seem to be very expensive. I am sure we can do cheaper than that. Hopefully, we can price it and make a licensing scheme a few days.

For the licensing, I was asking the development group to do licensing per site done. So if you buy say 100 site license you can create up to 100 sites regardless of the number of servers. another thought is to create license per server for unlimited sites. I am leaning towards the second one. What do you think?

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Colton Diaz July 9, 2010 - 6:50 am

Nowadays, you must be super creative to have a good business idea that works.:*.


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