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Online T-Shirt Design Software

by Aji Abraham

T-shirt printers are finding it very cost-effective to incorporate an online t-shirt design software into their business plans. While some local and small printers are finding it hard to keep up in the digital age and offer services necessary to stay ahead, many have found optimal results by offering services similar to CustomInk, Zazzle and many other design and print websites.
While it may require a lot of time and effort for some to offer the most up-to-date services, there is online t-shirt design software that can be easily installed on a server and meet the needs of new, startup printing sites or those looking to expand their brick-and-mortar or existing websites.
This process is made easy by online t-shirt design software like iScripts PrintLogic. The fully loaded script includes many advanced editor features like user photo upload, text manipulation, clipart capability, rotation, as well as custom color, material and font options. Besides the editor, the software also serves as a truly unique and complete solution by also including a comprehensive shopping cart with full high-end and professional functionality, integrated payment options and shipping choices to select from.
Not only can a t-shirt or print shop offer customers with unlimited options, but the software is also created with site administrators and businesses in mind. Streamline your processes by using the built-in customer database, online and/or quote ordering (telephone orders), designer template capability, team and jersey ordering options and Facebook and Twitter sharing integration.
What makes the software stand out the most, is the ability to take a customer design and automate it into a print-ready file. A wide range of files are automatically generated at 300 DPI. Files produced by the software include PDF, TIFF, SVG, PNG and JPG formats.
Whether you need to create an extension of your existing site or need a full-fledged standalone solution, iScripts PrintLogic can deliver the best for you and your visitors. This online t-shirt design software just requires a domain and hosting account to get started. As it is open source, webmasters and site administrators can alter the script at any time suing the team at iScripts, or their own team of PHP programmers. See the live demo or take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee offered by iScripts.com.

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