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by Aji Abraham

Why are sites like Shopify, Volusion and Quickcart are becoming successful?   Users that cannot create their own site from scratch see a hosted shopping cart as a cost-effective and convenient option for launching and maintaining an online store.Small business owners and individuals with products to sell find a hosted cart to be a simple and cost-effective solution. Customers of these online businesses can create brandable stores with little effort or technical experience. Rather than create an online business from scratch and spend a large amount of money building a shopping cart or website,  they can get up and running within hours or days. Those that offer these popular online ecommerce store building services to users also benefit from recurring revenue through subscription models.

To create an online businesses model similar to these sites, consider using an easy solution such as a premade store builder.  For example, iScripts GoStores is a  premade web store builder that can help you get a business like this up and running quickly.

By simply installing the script on a server of your choice, you can begin to offer the same hosted shopping cart services as Shopify. The unique and proven application allows users to manage individual stores from your website. By using the WYSIWYG editor along with intuitive drag-n-drop functionality, your users can effortlessly navigate store setup.

Charge users a monthly, yearly or quarterly subscription and see profit quickly. The powerful administration panel allows you to control all aspects of your site such as billing, domains and more. Brand the site with your own logo and site content.  Easily make changes to the open source script using a php programmer or by asking iScripts for an affordable quote.

Start out with this premade script and you will have given yourself a platform already equipped with the basic necessities your online business needs – shopping cart, payment, plans, site pages and more.  Because the site has many editable and customizable areas, you can tailor it to fit your brand at no additional cost.

Once you decide on any additional features your site needs, you can make the changes needed to your site.  By saving time, effort and financial resources while initially building your business, you can spend more on it later when it could make or break your success factor.

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