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Online Store Builder Software

by Sheri Levitt

We are not supposed to count the chickens before they hatch. But still, I think we have a pretty cool application in the making. Its almost ready to hit the limelight. As you know we have a multi-vendor shopping cart and an online site builder software.  We have been getting a number of requests from clients on modifying either of it to an online store builder – so that they can offer it as a service similar to Yahoo stores,  volusion.com or ProStores to their clients.  So this would allow them to be an ASP / or SaaS provider easily. This would a great addition for hosting companies, design houses and marketplace communities.

We have a new online store builder software in the making. Its independent of both iScripts Multicart and iScripts EasyCreate. The current plan is to allow the end user to select a domain or subdomain, select a payment plan and create a store. The store would be saved on your server. Your customer can customize the look and feel of the store, add edit categories, products, shipping etc. from the management panel with few clicks. I am not sure about the name yet. But we have been kicking around the name iScripts GoStores for now internally. I will update you once we finalize. If you want to be kept posted about this application or you want participate in the beta trial let me know. If you want to take look at our beta demo contact me at Abraham(@)iscripts.com Aji Abraham

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i love to do both online shopping and online window shopping for goods and other stuffs *”;


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