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New Release of Online Store Builder Software – iScripts GoStores v1.2

by Jon Skulemowski

Chicago, IL Aug.26, 2010 – iScripts.com today announced the general availability of the newest version 1.2 for iScripts GoStores beginning August 26, 2010. Your customers can build their own storefront with a fully displayed inventory within minutes using this platform.

In the new version of this unique online store builder software, we have made several significant improvements to the customer stores:

  • Enables the individual store administrator to export users, orders, products, and other reports into the popular .csv format for advanced analytics. This allows for statistical analysis and exact inventory management by the vendor as well as extended email list building.
  • The main store administrator can create multiple auxiliary administrator logins with different privileges for individualized staff such as bookkeepers, graphic designers and other webmasters. Employees and other developers can access the administrative panel to make additions or corrections to the home page.
  • 100% search engine friendly script is very easily optimized using the latest techniques.  This allows the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to index your site easily and climb the search results page with ease.
  • Supports a custom form feature for products and categories to include details like size, shape and color when selecting an item. This can be easily added by product category to distinguish between stock types and increases inventory accuracy. Administrator can choose between a drop down field of predefined choices or a text field for custom orders.
  • Store administrator can use Promotional Codes to discount items either by percentage or dollar amount to encourage purchases or for tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Deliver a coupon code to selected customers to encourage sales growth or track how well a specific advertising effort is selling your products.
  • Additional 30+ preloaded layouts for easy visual customization. One-click simplicity helps vendors change the look of their individualized store fronts.

All of these features are included at no extra charge from the previous version as we constantly look for additional ways to improve our product to suit your niche better.

Find more details about the software features and check our live demo at iScripts GoStores.

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