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Online Printing Platform For Your Screen Printing Business

by Milan Mathew

In this fast-paced scenario of fashion, online t-shirt designing has a huge rate of success. 

Are you willing to stay competitive in a printing market where customers are becoming increasingly accustomed to more advanced technologies?

Competition is helping every industry to improve to the next level. The online printing platform is easy to start a business for those who are interested in t-shirt design and printing.

Online Printing Platform

Online printing and designing software has changed the traditional way of that business. Recently there has been a lot of changes in the printing industry being shifted to online designing sectors. The advantages of the latter are utilized by many merchants nowadays.

Thus the growth of the internet has opened up multiple avenues for new ventures to enhance their business offerings and increase revenue from online channels.

The process proves to be growing at a rapid pace and more and more offline printing businesses are adopting the internet. If you have plans to upgrade your traditional printing store to a web-to-print business, then you must get a clear idea about what you are getting into.

Let’s have a check about few advantages related to the online printing business.

Advantages of Online Printing Business

  • Ease of transaction
    The user need not get worried about taking their plans right to the printing shops and order the goodies. The platform enables the customers to buy their desired stuff within a few clicks. It gets easier for the printer too as they don’t have to explain everything to each customer. All the information, templates, and products are online. They just have to sort out the orders accordingly.
  • Reduce costs
    The total cost gets reduced even though the quality and standards remain the same. The printer can now focus only on the products instead of refurbishing his shop and other things that are required when dealing face-to-face with the customer.
  • Faster Process
    The overall printing process gets much faster when everything is managed automatically. The printer receives the order, prints it, and ships it to the customer. No intermediate steps are involved in between. The printer does not have to hoard the orders until the customer drops in to pick up his order.
  • Wide market
    The most promising advantage of web-to-print businesses is its accessibility without any limitations of area, states or international boundaries. It is easier to reach customers in comparison to offline printing businesses. Printing businesses can easily manage the shipping of the finished goods to your desired location across the globe with just reasonable shipping charges.

Online Printing Platform

On getting the merits of Printing Business, you would be really interested in improving your business with advanced strategies. If you are planning to build one then do you know How to Select a T-Shirt Printing Machine?

iScripts is one of the leading service providers in building web software. We have built many solutions to help business entrepreneurs and start-ups to build their business to the next level.

iScripts has already launched a few years back a pre-built solution for online design and printing software – iScripts PrintLogic which helps much online design and printing business easy and quick. Now with the New version of Printlogic, you can easily deliver your customers their expected satisfaction.

iScript PrintLogic creates a door for your customers to quickly customize a product and purchase it online. The process of creating a website similar to Vistaprint and CustomInk just got much simpler. Using the iScripts PrintLogic you can create your web-to-print business website at home at any time.

At the same time, if you have a print shop business to take online or integrate with your existing printing website,  iScripts PrintLogic is the perfect option.

Let’s check a few features of iScripts PrintLogic:

  • Promo codes
    Promo Codes have been always the reasons for customers and merchants to have a great impact on sales. From the customer’s view, they prove to be the way through which they get discounts. In the Merchant view, they are sources of sales increments. The iScripts PrintLogic software is equipped with special features such as the application of the promo code feature in its new version.
  • Fundraiser Feature
    The fundraiser is an innovative feature that helps to make business and customers more active. And you will get more customers in your printing and designing.
  • The user will create a fundraiser product and check out the same
  • The user will get a shareable link and he can share the same with his friends/contributors.
  • Contributors can access the link and place orders. There will be a min quantity for orders.

In the admin panel, a new order listing menu will be added for the fundraiser order.

  • Stripe Adaptive Payment 
  • PayPal Pro Implementation
  • Alphabroder API Integration
  • SEO friendly URLs
    PrintLogic is come up with SEO friendly URLs. This will help to display in search results more fastly and can be indexed in less time.
  • Brands
    This feature makes customers purchase the product more easily and efficiently. A master table added for brands, customers would have the ability to choose the brand while adding a product.
  • EPS File Format
    One of the major features of this version is adding EPS in output file format. Currently, the software supports multiple formats ( TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG and .Zip). EPS file format tops the list of the best file formats for graphic designers and publishing professionals.

    It is mostly preferred to link documents containing vector or raster graphics to EPS files because it is compatible with all major imagesetters and printing devices and also contains information in a machine language that is equally compatible with the devices at the same time. Some of the advantages of EPS are listed below:
    • EPS files are the ideal file format for computer graphics application data importing. EPS file formats make importing images easier when comparing to preparing composite images or assembling them to use on the printed items.
    • Among the major pros of EPS file formats is its scalability. The images can be scaled to any desired size without altering the image quality.
    • Editing logos and designs using any desktop publishing software are easy with the compatible importing feature of EPS files.
    • Implementing changes in the content is now easy using EPS file formats with its feature of easily changing information to directly reflecting the changes in the output.

Top features of PrintLogic

  • Multi-sided Designing – Easily upload bulk images and reconstruct or define the product design for users.
  • Template Option – Create templates and
    add them to the system. The software is inbuilt with some great designs and templates for users to add and edit using the design editor.
  • Bulk Product Upload – Having the site administrator permission, you can effortlessly upload multiple products in a single go, saving you ample time at the same time!
  • Athletic Team and Jersey Design – If you have a customer asking for preparing shirts for a team activity ( or any bulk product design) like sports or official events, this software is inbuilt with this functionality.
  • Custom Guidelines & Notes – For customers, those who have specific requests on the design process can communicate about the needs by utilizing the notes section.
  • Improved Usability -The usability of the admin and adding product options have been improved.
  • Multiple Output Files – The major output file formats are PDF, TIFF, PNG, and jpg generated by the software. The designs produced by users are vector images, high-resolution files and etc.

In comparison with other software solutions, iScripts PrintLogic is highly flexible and also includes an advanced design editor. Users can make their own designs using the user-friendly easy-to-use drag-and-drop method, in the editor section.

The advanced editing tool of iScripts PrintLogic has features to crop, layer, text shaping and rotate images that are available in high-end printing options. The advanced tools in the software allow the same fonts or options for transforming text that is absent in the major software available in the market today.

The most uniques features of our web-t-print software are its ease of design, image and text transitions.

iScript PrintLogic creates a door for your customers to quickly customize a product and purchase it online. Owning a website like Vistaprint or CustomInk is now not a faraway dream.

You can easily create a web-to-print website from scratch easily using iScripts PrintLogic. You can also integrate this software system into your existing printing business to come forward into the online marketplace. Let’s have a look at the Advantages of T-Shirt Design and Printing Websites.

Do you still have any questions related to PrintLogic and its working or integration with your existing business or online business idea? Call us at (312) 423-6728 with all your queries. 

Try the LIVE DEMO! For questions related to how you can navigate or take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com We can also provide a portfolio of previous work.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with a custom request. We can customize any script to fit your needs if required.

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