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Online Design & Printing Software: New Version Release

by Milan Mathew


It will be difficult for you to choose a business idea from the floating list.  Some ideas can be trendy, innovative or fun but they may not be profitable. At the same time, ideas with high scalable margin will never have a proper outlet. You want to make sure the business idea you choose is something you will be interested in for quite some time.

Some of your ideas will likely involve online design editing, printing or both. Even if it doesn’t involve these features initially, they might be worth considering, depending upon your audience and/or business model.

Though digital photos are now widely available, prints are common according to the variety of situations. In ecommerce world, multiple copies of the same image is the term “web-to-print.” that refers to the practice of doing print business using the web.

iScripts PrintLogic is an online design and printing software which allows you to create a site similar to Vistaprint and CustomInk. It already includes impressive features such as custom design options, templates, jersey printing, text manipulation, image upload functionality, 360 degree text rotation and a wide range of additional options.

Similarly to rotating an image 360 degrees within the editor, both the admin and/or user can rotate text. Admin or users can also change designs and alter images as desired. If a user needs assistance, the admin can easily access saved files.

As one of our most popular software packages, we decided to focus on the perks and features our users asked for and enjoy using on other platforms. This guarantees ease-of-use and satisfaction of both users and admin.

We are happy to announce that we’ve just released a more stable pack for iScripts PrintLogic!


iScript PrintLogic is capable of handling integrated shipping and payment options. This will organize products more easily and deliver on time. In iScript PrintLogic there is no risks in shipping and payments.

If you have any questions about iScripts PrintLogic Call us at (312) 423-6728 . 

We can also provide a portfolio of previous work and clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us with a custom request. You will not be disappointed using our versatile and cost-effective solution for online printing! There’s no better time to start than today.  

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