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Online Billing Software

by Aji Abraham

If you offer CPA, IT, hosting web design or daycare services to clients, you should be looking into online payment methods.  If you currently do not offer online payments, conveniently organized database, or a way to efficiently handle customer service issues, you should explore your options.  The most affordable (and cost-effective) will include a range of capabilities, making it a valuable aspect of your business.

You would greatly benefit from accepting online payments from your clients. It may sound like an expensive or daunting task to develop an online billing system for your business, but luckily there are very affordable and efficient options available. By simply having your own domain and hosting account, you can offer online billing plus a range of additional services within days. The easy-to-use online billing software,  iScripts EasyBiller, allows you to handle both billing and client management online. Take advantage of the software’s flexibility by setting your own plans and choosing whether or not to use one-time billing, recurring billing or custom billing. Other main features packed within the software includes automated invoice generation, reporting, client management, unlimited plans/users, easy plan management, an integrated help desk, built-in affiliate program, help files and more. Ideal for hosting businesses, web design, IT and support, CPA, daycares, or any service business requiring online billing management. The software supports multiple currency types and online payment gateways like Authorize.net, PayPal and Google Checkout in addition to offline payment methods.

The software can also be customized to fit your business needs at any time.  If there are additional features or changes needed for the site,  As an open source solution, you can have any php programmer of your choice alter the code. If you do not have a programming team of your own, iScripts developers can complete these changes at an affordable price.

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