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Online Barter System: Challenges and Solutions

by Milan Mathew

What does an online barter system really mean? This denotes the improved way of exchanging goods using online methods. Bartering is growing in popularity today with consumers and businesses realizing that it’s a great way to budget and a creative way to lower expenses. It certainly isn’t something new; bartering has been around for a very long time. It’s the way our ancestors conducted their daily business and how they survived.

Barter Exchange Network
Barter Exchange Network

Bartering is an economical and clever way to save money. We didn’t really have a choice but to barter when we were children, we didn’t have the money to buy new things all the time. Children certainly have a way of figuring things out when they want something badly enough. So why does this stop when we become adults? We still have wants and needs but seem to set them aside or continue to spend money when we really don’t have to.

By educating ourselves on the right way to barter, we open ourselves up to many resources and possibilities. It’s a way of taking care of our needs and at the same time, someone else’s without spending money. This is done simply by offering our professional services or items we no longer need, in return for what we do.

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Let’s have a look at the major pros on bartering:

  • Flexibility
    The bartering system provides greater flexibility for the products involved. You can trade one related product for another, such as a laptop for a portable tablet, or two completely different items, like television for a lawnmower.
  • Possibilities for saving money
    Barter offers the clear advantage of saving money. Not only do you get something you need or want, but neither party has to spend a cent.
  • Simple system
    The process offers a simple system free from the complex problems of the modern monetary system. Hence making the trade quite easier.
  • No wastage or Payment error occurs
    The problems of international trade, like foreign exchange crisis and adverse balance of payments, do not exist in the barter system. Personal and natural resources are perfectly utilized to meet the requirements of society without involving any wastage.

There was no ideal manner of payment for the direct purchase of products and services in the barter economic system. In other words, in a pure barter system, there was no typically perfect medium of trade inside the form of a specific good or asset which can be used to shop for goods and services and do different sorts of transactions.You can check the Best Places to Trade Stuff Online

Hence some challenges or difficulties faced in barter system are,

1. Double Coincidence of Wants: Due to the shortage of a type suitable medium of exchange, a tough problem of double coincidence of desires become faced by the people who desired to promote and purchase goods. For exchange of products individuals desiring to exchange items ought to in particular need of those goods that others offer in exchange.

Therefore, an individual who wants goods, he must find some other person who gives the goods wanted by him and who is willing to accept in ­exchange of the goods. Thus, under the barter system, while one needs for purchasing and selling goods of various individuals coincided the exchange of goods as feasible. A good deal of time changed into spent through a person is looking for a man with whom desires to coincide.

2. Lack of a Standard Unit of Account:
A barter economy needed a typical medium of exchange as well as a standard unit of account in which costs might be measured and quoted. Without a typical unit of account, the number of exchange proportions (that is, costs of merchandise ex­pressed regarding one another) between products would be extremely enormous. Along these lines, the absence of a standard account to measure the estimations of various goods and services made trade or exchange hard.

3. The Impossibility of Subdivision of Goods:
Each and every other issue showed up under the barter system for the exchanging of products become the impossibility of subdivision of products without loss of their worth. For example, if an individual has diary animals and needs to have 15 kg of wheat, clearly, it is too enormous to even think about giving dairy animals for 15 kg of wheat he requires. 

At that point, to do this exchange dairy animals must be separated. But, It can’t be separated or cut into pieces in light of the fact that it will lose its worthwhile dividing. In this manner, the impossibility of division of merchandise with the end goal of trade represented incredible trouble and discouraged the development of the exchange.

4. Lack of Information:
Some other problem discovered in the barter system was that during its agents re­quired a decent arrangement of data for the exchange of products. In this manner, if there exists a mode of exchange, with well-known attributes, it’ll decrease the data charges of trading. Without the model of trade, data value will, in fact, be quite massive.

5. Production of Large and Very Costly Goods not Feasible:
An additional problem of a barter economy identifies with the generation of large, costly products. Expect someone who has specialized potential and tools to make a vehicle may not have a lot of motivating force to manufacture in the barter economic system.

This is considering the fact that he can trade a vehicle with an individual who has sufficient products having a worth equivalent to a vehicle so their trade with a vehicle can take place. The carmaker needs to get nourishment, clothing and some specific items of regular usage in return for a car. It’ll be difficult, practically hard to find an approaching customer who has sufficient of these products and services to provide as an end-result of a vehicle.

It’s far obvious that the barter system should work in a primitive economy where life turned into effortless and the man was independent. As a result of a few economic progress, the division of work or specialization and massive scale production came to exist, the barter system could not fulfill the increasing requirements for the trading of products.

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