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On-Demand Services: Read This Before Building Your App

by Milan Mathew

The trending world with modern technologies always tends its users to be more fast and acceptable to quick changes. One like those is  On-Demand Business Services. Thus The On-Demand Services can be defined as the economic activity created by technologically advanced companies that fulfill consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services. Supply is driven via an efficient, intuitive digital mesh layered on top of existing infrastructure networks.

iScripts UberforX

Where do these services get the advantage? The success of Uber in creating a market for technology-enabled, on-demand transportation has encouraged entrepreneurs to look to other, often humdrum, daily tasks that tech-savvy users would be happy to offload. Let’s check some characteristics that should be incorporated with on-demand services.

  • Relative Affordability

The relative affordability of on-demand services creates an impressive path in making the On-Demand services more acceptable. This puts things that once seemed luxurious within reach, creating an additional delight factor for users. Accessibility also does comes with affordability as both are closely watched.

  • Seamless Customer Experience

On-demand services need reliable, world-class technology and this technology also makes it easy for users to access price information, customer reviews, and communicate with employees before and during the service.  

  • Flexibility

Many successful on-demand services thrive because they offer flexibility in markets that traditionally require a commitment from the user. Not when they are accessible all the time rather when the user requires it the most.

You must be having some confusion when building up a similar platform like this. Just have a look at these aspects before building your app.

Identify target audience:

Concentrate on the type of audience that will be utilizing your apps. The user-based classification always helps the owner to get the features right for the needed. The type could be college-goers, business owners, travelers, etc.

Identify a common problem:

The inventions are always for the good and based on a solution for something that worries someone. Hence identification of that root cause helps in determining the real option to take away those problems. On considering different on-demand services, the case was the same. For Uber, it was the difficulty of these drivers in finding the passengers were rectified by the App as well as for the passengers to find it vice versa.

Uber for X

Coming over to, online food deliveries it will always be the laziness and inconvenience of the customers that are exploited and there lies the success of these industries. Thus the problems properly identified figures out to deliver the right solutions.

Define the Service’s Actors:

The kind of problems that we may face can be different based on the intensity of needs. There can be several actors in between the solution to our problem and us. For each case of taxi services or food delivery or medical services, these actors can be a lot different. Taking the case of food delivery, there exist many actors in between like the one preparing the food, the one delivering the food, and the ones consuming it or the customers.

The identification will be thus like finding their role in each of the business we mentioned. The business owner must have to know about the current affairs, the additional features make your App more acceptable and adorable.

Feature-set for each actor:

Once the actors are defined, it’s time to define the feature-set of each application, web or mobile. The actors can be customers, service providers or the admin. Some important features for each actor to be considered are:

1. Customer app feature

  •  Push Notification

Notification alerts are the major part which deals with customer updates. This makes the user aware of the transactions, bookings offers and about the service ordered.

  • Real-time Tracking

This feature is to track the orders or services of users in real-time. It is a fast and reliable service.

  •  Payment System

Payment is the backbone of many industries. Option for multiple payments will make the user’s life more simple and affordable. This payment process will be fast, reliable and secure. This includes several modes like On Delivery payments or online transactions.

  •  Reviews and Ratings

These help the customers to rate the services offered and regarding the quality of the same. The reviews really help the providers to thus improve their methods in dealings and about their services.

  •  Help and Support

Integrate a Help & Support feature to assist customers in case of queries. By solving customer problems it will help to improve customer service.

2. Service provider app feature

  •  Push Notification

Being a service provider, the notifications regarding their updates are essential in taking the business to a success.

  •  Accepting & Rejecting requests

Once a request enters the desk, the provider should have the options for accepting & rejecting those requests. This kind of authority helps them to sort out the required requests only.

  •  Start & End service

There will be a module for a service provider to start and end the service as it gets over.

  • Track Earnings

There is a feature for service providers that help to track their earning and also it will plan their day more efficiently. The data must show the amount received, profits acquired, and the time spent for the process and many more features.

  •  Work on your schedules

The providers must have the advantage of fixing their schedules and work on the time that feels comfortable for them.

  •   Availability Options

The service provider can decide their availability to appear and not for a service. Options for further check in the App regarding the payouts or services during other than the available time should also be set.

3. Admin App

  •  Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard should contain all the necessary information regarding the service providers and the users. It should thus be utilized in evaluating the same.

  •  Manage Users

Admin has permission to manage all customer details from payments, discounts, and other charges.

  •  The matching algorithm

The requests from the customers should match with the appropriate service provider, as there can’t be any chances of failure. The algorithm can either be automatic or manual. But it should be based on the concept of easiness and simplification of process.

  •  Manage service provider

Admin will manage the affairs of the service provider’s from incentives, earning to penalties.

  •  Analytics & Reports

These data should provide the list of services availed, canceled and repeated. All these help in keeping the accounting activities up to date and It also shows which one is doing well and which one is struggling in the business. It also helps in acquiring essential insights to avoid bottlenecks and to enhance your services.

  •  Manage pricing and commissions

You can manage pricing depending on the demand. Secondly, you can also set the commission charges which will ensure smooth transactions and drivers’ profit sharing.

By offering a way for existing professionals and independent contractors to provide their service, you will decrease your initial investment.

By using our UberforX platform, you can also save costs on development. UberforX is a readymade premium eCommerce solution created to serve the needs of various on-demand services. These vendors can list their own services to provide to your market.

You can incorporate the platform into your existing business, or create a new one for easy trial. The users can have this application to book the services provided by the admin.

iScripts UberforX Includes:

  • Completely White Labelled Solution – You own your site 100%
  • Unlimited Vendors – There is no limit to how many vendors you can add
  • Unlimited Service Options – How many services are you providing to your niche? The software is flexible enough to contain all the desired services
  • IOS Apps for Users and Vendors – Uber operates heavily on mobile apps. Our solution like the same allowing you to reach your target market in the same helpful way
  • Control Panels for Admin, Users, and Vendors – Have complete and total control over your site and all functionality while also giving your providers, contractors, and users the freedom and flexibility they need to thrive.
  • Collective Inventory & Reporting – No guesswork here! Use integrated reports to manage, assess and examine performance.
  • Adjustable Plan Rates – Not all services can offer a one-for-all solution. Create tiered plans and options based on your customers’ needs, not technical limitations.
  • Integrated Payment Gateways – Encourage easy transactions instead of frustration. The process is simple enough for users to use your platform again and again.
  • Syndicated Blog – Boost your search results and traffic by taking advantage of the syndicated blog functionality.
  • 100% Open-Source & Fully Customizable – Have a designer of your own? Want to expand on the platform we’ve created? Want to test your model first before committing? No problem. The site is 100% yours to customize as you see fit.
  • Have questions about iScripts UberforX and how it can work with your existing business or online business idea? Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to explain how our software works including any additional business need you may have. We also offer custom work at a reasonable rate.

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