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Newly Completed Custom Projects

by Ashley Zimmerman

Check out what other small businesses are working on in our latest batch of customizations. Have a website or business idea of your own? We have a variety of solutions available. To quickly find out which will work best for you, give us a call at (312) 423-6728. Our specialists will be happy to recommend an existing software package or custom project solution.

Kliqbooth.com – KliqBooth is a web-based customer relationship management software for mid to large customers. The CRM allows businesses to create and manage otherwise time-consuming databases. Equipped with built in functions like text messaging, calling and emailing, this software solution pays for itself in the amount of time it saves businesses. Users can choose their preferred plans and corresponding services provided. This platform is built using iScripts SaaS framework with modified Asterisk VoIP engine. Customers can interface with end users through phone, email, chat , text with a unified view.

CRM with Voice call project

Wildkale.com – Wildkale is an online farmers market enabling users can order food directly from local farmers, have it harvested and/or prepared on order and receive it within just 24 hours. Users can initiate a product search using keywords and zip codes. Wildkale uses iScripts MultiCart for managing both seller and administration sections.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.45.54 AM

Bullszi.com – Bullszi is an online marketplace offering plenty of perks for both sellers and buyers. Since the site uses iScripts MultiCart, users can create customer profiles, view order history and use real-time order tracking while sellers can easily customize products and control all listings. The platform supports unlimited vendors; each equipped with their own control panel.

Since launching, site growth has remained constant. While a good problem to have, website owners reached out to address their scalability issues. The new iScripts customization will result in better server response speeds and user friendliness.

Marketplace software

TopRope24.com – TopRope24 is an ecommerce website selling t-shirts. Every 24 hours, the website offers a new product for sale. The website administrator can schedule these products along with sale times. Online users can navigate through the website with ease while the attribute selection helps users effortlessly select multiple quantities and sizes. The site uses our standalone ecommerce shopping cart, iScripts Vistacart.

eCommerce software

Texstylesgp.com – Texstylesgp is an ecommerce website selling a wide range of products that can be easily customized just by adding stylized texts and images. The website also offers tiered pricing for those ordering in bulk. These features are easily incorporated into the website using the popular, readymade design and print software, iScripts PrintLogic.

printind design website

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