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New website content management software

by Kathy Hill

Yes, there are a number of great content management software solutions out there. But have you tried one to set up a website for an small business website. Most content management software packages are so complex it takes programmers to make minor changes. When we tried to find a simple content management solution for some of our small business customers, who just wanted to have a website to get more business, we couldn’t find anything suitable. So we created a new website content management software.

iScripts EasyContents is a website content management software designed specifically for small businesses. This software can be used to create websites for brick and mortar websites. We have integrated a mini CRM to manage existing customers. Also a way of managing customer leads and request for proposals is included as part of the software.  A number of templates in different industries are already included in the software. Each can be customized by modifying the css.  This simple CMS software also includes the ability to send out newsletters to potential customers and customers. Other features include resume and job postings module, news management module etc..  Users can create resumes using video resume app Showreel. This software is distributed free of cost with full source code.

Installing the software and customizing need some basic web skills. However end users can manage and maintain the website by themselves. So this software is perfect for web designers for small business customers. Check it out.

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Jon January 17, 2010 - 3:40 am

I like the scripts that you have created. However, is your link not working at the moment? It keeps getting a missing page error.


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