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New Version Release: Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

by Milan Mathew
Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

Ecommerce platforms have played a significant role in fueling growth and giving rise to many successful startups. Ecommerce refers to the facilitation of trading products through the internet – something we are all accustomed to by now. Online shopping websites created for direct sales to customers is the most commonly employed e-commerce business model.

We are pleased to announce a new and improved version of iScripts MultiCart, the multi-vendor shopping cart with the most-needed features and functionalities similar to the biggest players in the e-commerce market. There are loads of features packed into this software suite, including a mobile app. As one of our most popular software packages, you’ll enjoy taking advantage of all the features it has to offer.

In this new version of iScripts MultiCart, we were more focused on offering an improved user-friendly experience for both mobile and web applications. This comes with a new change in the design and also adding more themes to the current offering. We’ve been continuously monitoring current technology and iScripts always try to integrate the most needed features for our clients through these updates. The new iScripts MultiCart is now released with the most current design features in the updated version, available for both web and mobile applications.

The New Features and Updates Added to the iScripts MultiCart Software Include:

New Mobile App Features:

Seller App

  • Add/edit product: Now users can add products through the mobile app in an easier way.
  • Add/edit combo: Enable this feature to add or edit the combo lists.
  • Order list: Provide the feature to view the complete order list similar to web applications.

Order details: The admin can now get the complete order details through the client’s phone when a customer makes a purchase.

Buyer App

  • Implemented a new section in product listing: Introducing a better view for the users by listing the products.
  • Combo listing: New Feature on listing the products as combinations.
  • Checkout combo (add to cart/shipping/payment edits): Now users can check out by adding multiple products to cart, shipping or even editing multiple products at a time.
  • Order list: Provide this feature to view the complete order list similar to web applications.
  • Order detail: Even users can get the complete order details through the phone after a purchase is fully made.
Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

New Web Application Features:

  • Product Bug Fixes: We have gone through all our customer reviews and the new update comes as a better solution to the existing product bugs.
  • New Currency settings: Equipped with more currency options for making the system to act globally.
  • New Version Upgrade
  • Themes: Introducing 36 new themes to meet your needs to have the best look and act as an e-commerce portal.
  • New Design Added to Admin Pages: We have also added fresh design to Dashboard, general settings, shipping settings, payment settings, order lists, order details, and user lists.
  • Mega Menu Implementation: Overall change to the look of the menu section.
  • Multiple Category Linking: Categories can now be linked together, making it much easier to classify the products.
Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

iScripts MultiCart also comes with Mobile Apps and they are available for both Sellers as well as Buyers. The turnkey buyer app lets customers choose an appropriate product made available by sellers and to purchase them as well. The Seller Application is exclusively for sellers to put up their stock and available products online. At the same time, this would also enable all the buyers to view your products, browse and purchase them as well.

iScripts MultiCart: Mobile App

Add the software with the help of our programmers. Here you have the opportunity to create your eCommerce shopping cart. And you can customize it according to your needs and specifications. You can enable or disable the various features included in the software. iScripts have the ability to modify the script and add any additional features or changes in design.

Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart

See examples of Multicart.

If you need to know more information or questions about iScripts MultiCart platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

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