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New Release: iScripts MultiCart Enterprise

by Sheri Levitt
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We are proud to introduce the latest iScripts software release: iScripts MultiCart Enterprise.

Over the past year, many of our customers have been interested in software that would allow the creation of multiple storefronts connected to a single e-commerce platform and database.

The new iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is similar to the original iScripts MultiCart, but expands on features and functionality, making e-commerce application similar to Shopster.com,  and includes unlimited products, sites and vendors. This software clone incorporates the business model initiated by marketplaces like Shopster.

Our iScripts MultiCart Enterprise solution includes the tools needed for you to support an unlimited amount of storefronts, sellers, vendors and products while incorporating all the vital aspects of an online business into one easy-to-use e-commerce engine.

Customers that install iScripts MultiCart Enterprise on a server can customize the site according to their brand in order to create an instant distributed supply chain and e-commerce platform.

The software supports vendor, store, affiliate and reseller panels that allow third parties to sell and work independently to sell their own products, the site administrator’s products and or each other’s products. 

Groundbreaking features give you the ability to:

•   Launch Multiple Storefronts – Have all the orders sent to one place for simple management.
•   Offer Multiple Vendors and Fulfillment – Items in the storefronts can be fulfilled by different vendors.
•   Independent Store Design – Change the look and feel of the created stores to market.
•   Automated Store Creation – Create a new site or store in a single click and forget about complex programming.
•   Systematically Fulfill Orders – While the software organizes orders and sends them to the correct supplier or warehouse, you can focus your valuable time where it is needed most.
•   Offer Deals and Specials – Coupon code functionality can be based site-wide or per store. This allows you to optimize marketing efforts for the biggest effect.
•   Implement Recurring Payments – Customers can sign up once and receive a shipment every month for service without any hassles.
•   Grow Your Site with an Affiliate Program – The platform contains an integrated affiliate functionality that will allow you to receive more traffic by offering a commission on new sales to approved affiliates.

Check it out for yourself! You can see all of the features right now on our LIVE DEMO.

At iScripts, our specialty lies in custom tailoring our software to meet customer requirements. Let us know if you require any custom changes to meet your specific business needs and we will send you a fixed price quote as soon as possible.

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