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New Release: iScripts MultiCart 3.0

by Ashley Zimmerman

We will soon be releasing a new, impressive version of one of our most popular software packages, iScripts MultiCart!

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Many of our customers have been impressed with the capabilities of our multi-vendor ecommerce software which gives website administrators the ability to create their own version of an online marketplace, similar to Amazon or Etsy.

Now we are releasing a whole new set of in-demand features and capabilities such as:

Free Shipping Option: Administrator /Seller can now provide free shipping for products.

Coupon Code Addition by Sellers: Administrator/Sellers can provide coupon codes for their store, particular category or a particular item.

Product Tags and Search Modifications: Admin/Sellers can add tag words to the items that will be refined the search.

Product URL Optimization: Product detail pages will have a URL such as www.multicart.com/category/subcategory/productname. This will enhance your product page by allowing search engines to recognize specific product names when returning search results to potential customers.

Vacation Mode: Admin/Seller can set seller account in vacation mode and all items in that shop will be deactivated until vacation mode is turned off.

Currency API for Currency Settings: Currency API for obtaining the actual exchange rate for currencies.

Single Account for Buying and Selling: Users can have both a buyer account and seller privileges. Buyer accounts will be the primary account type and seller privileges can be added from the initial registration process or from the user profile.

Deliver Multiple Product Types / Subscriptions: Users will be able to add both digital, physical and subscription-based products in a single transaction.

RSS Feeds for Seller: Each seller will have an RSS Feed in their seller control panel and main seller profile page. This can be used for

Scheduled Product Listing: Admin/Seller can add product details and schedule a time to publicly post the item, so when the time reaches the listing will be automatically posted to the front end of the shopping cart.

Social Media Tools: Users can “Share” or “Like” products on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

Favorites: Users will have the option to add different products and sellers to a “favorite” list for future reference. Site administrators will have the ability to enable and disable this feature.

Sites such as eBay, Etsy, and Alibaba have an extensive reach and support with thousands of sellers and buyers using one site. Develop a comprehensive marketplace of your own using iScripts MultiCart.

See the full list of features for our multi-vendor shopping cart

For more information or to customize the existing software, contact our project managers and software specialists at (312) 423-6728 

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