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New Release: iScripts MultiCart 2.4

by Jon Skulemowski

We are very pleased to announce what could be the greatest product to come from iScripts.com, iScripts MultiCart 2.4. This multi store e-commerce software stands alone as an ecommerce platform robust enough to provide a bright future for any commercial marketplace start-up.

Included in the 35+ new features of the software are some of the most powerful analytic and payment processing tools in marketplace sites today. These features include:

  • New Statistical Dashboard – Allows both the Administrator and Sellers lightning fast task management. The admin can now quickly identify the needs of the site in seconds for improved customer service and the sellers can initiate hassle-free product delivery with this great tool.
  • Dynamic Product Options – Sellers can add various options like size, color, weight, or any type of product variation to the store front for faster and easier commercial transactions. These seller created variations remove the guesswork from selling variations of products online.
  • New PayPal Adaptive Payments Support – The most requested feature of iScripts MultiCart history now made possible! In a transaction, a percentage of the overall sales can be sent to both the Administrator and sellers automatically and seamlessly. This eliminates hassle from the Administrator to send the payments manually.
  • Home Page Slide Show – Make your homepage come alive with customizable slide show images. Introduce new products, hot offers, or any other piece of information easily to your users without editing the entire site layout.
  • Dynamic Help Files – The Administrator can now edit the entire help section to customize areas for their specific niche or market. Eliminate potentially thousands of support emails with a thorough help section made especially for your clientele.
  • Multiple Product Image Option – Now seller can upload any amount of images they require to showcase their product properly and increase conversions. The easy-to-use tool captures images for all the most popular file formats and puts the product in the spotlight.

Check out it out now at www.iscripts.com/multicart and go to our Live Demo to try these features for yourself.

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Emma Thomsen August 30, 2011 - 4:12 pm


apologies if this is already indicated somewhere, but if I have the first year of Technical Support and Upgrade how do I go about getting my website upgraded?

Many thanks for your help.

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