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New Release: iScripts AutoHoster 2.3

by Sheri Levitt

 iScripts AutoHoster 2.3 software packageWe are extremely proud to announce the release of our newest version of iScripts AutoHoster, our easy-to-use web hosting business management software. iScripts AutoHoster 2.3 is better than ever with improvements and added features to enhance the user’s experience. We don’t mean to brag, but these changes are kind of a big deal.

Integrated Account Management – Using Plesk or C-Panel APIs, users can manage their accounts and hosting details without admin intervention. This automation of the entire process of registration allows the streamlining of the business model and simply put, makes your job a lot more simple while providing quality service.

Customizable Help Templates – Write your own help files and make using your site as simple as possible. Add and remove files at will and add your personal customer service to your customers in need.

Improved Gateway – iScripts AutoHoster now supports GoDaddy Reseller API to support real-time domain registration! This enhancement will improve the running quality of the sites and help to further satisfy your customers and their needs! This is in addition to an existing selection of eNom, DirectI and Manual gateways for domain registration for your clients.

New templates- Let’s face it; the look and feel of a website is the main concern for everyone. In order to ease the anxiety many people feel when attempting to find the perfect design for their website, we have added a brand new batch of templates for admins to choose from. This expands options for your customers, making your web hosting service even more appealing. It might make decisions a little more difficult because there are so many interesting options, but it certainly adds satisfaction. This addition will also help attract more users as even more personalized ideas can now be accommodated without additional customization that appears to be beyond a user’s means!

Revamped user flow- Just when you thought that iScripts Autohoster couldn’t be any more customer friendly, we make it even easier to use! The new flow has been streamlined to support even the least experienced users. This fast and easy process will encourage even more people to host their websites from an AutoHoster customer. The look and feel of the user site have also changed, and we are sure customers will approve.

Site Builder Leads- Now you can build up your list of leads using our new features! You can enable free site builder or a free trial of site builder for users in exchange for contact information. Every time a potential customer tries to create a website, you can capture their leads for marketing revenue generating hosting services. Generally, as they spend time creating these sites, they convert to paying customers faster. This expands marketing potential in a simple, nearly effortless way.

Want to know more about new iScripts AutoHoster? Click Here to view more about iScripts AutoHoster 2.3 and its many features.


Timothy Brogan June 29, 2011 - 1:25 pm

Do you have any plans to integrate Tucows OpenSRS domain registration API in the future? I like the features of the product but am deeply invested in Tucows with over 400 domain registrations currently.

Joihn June 29, 2011 - 4:20 pm

I would like to use it but I am using ICDSoft hosting services. It’s a bummer that I have to manually do all registrations and yearly payment notifications. Will you or can you integrate other hosting/registrar services?


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