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New Businesses Using iScripts Software

by Ashley Zimmerman

Our software fulfills the needs of various online businesses and new startup ideas. Some of our clients choose to take their idea online with as little changes as possible to gauge the market. Others attempt to create a specific vision using our customization services.

Take a look at some of our most recent customers taking advantage of our cost-effective software solutions:

iScripts eSwap Customization – Orbis Marketplace – orbismarketplace.com 


Orbis Marketplace is an extension of the Orbis Quantum infrastructure. The bulk of customization work surrounds currency and points used on the site.

Points (ORU) are accumulated off the site and the Administrator manually transfers them from a secure banking software to the Orbis Marketplace site (iScripts eSwap). Currency will be converted so that points will be used used as the primary currency of the site. In order to provide an accurate user flow, the software must undergo additional coding to combine the “Swap” and “Sell” functions, as portions for each will be required to complete a transaction. Other basic changes will also be made to the text of the site that will further reinforce the basic “selling for points” mechanism of the site.

iScripts CyberMatch Customization – iDeserveBetter Phase II – ideservebetter.net 


The next round of customization work for the online dating site includes adding login capabilities for Facebook and Twitter users!


iScripts eSwap Customization – IWEEZA – iweeza.com 


Using iScripts eSwap, Paul is creating a website where the users can sell, swap or wish items. Now the website will also have a “Post Feedback” option for those who complete a swap or trade.

iScripts Customization – Chocolate Singles – ChocolateSingles.com 


ChocolateSingles.com is an internet dating site targeting the African American audience. It will incite the engagement of its users by pairing together members of the same race. ChocolateSingles.com will use iScripts CyberMatch as its foundation.

In this phase of the project, three specific customer-requested modifications will be explored: such as, user filter search, Google Maps integration and user profile modifications.

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