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Must-Have Features for Your E-Commerce Website

by Sheri Levitt

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Shopping, it’s a woman’s thing, right? Well, not anymore. There are many online stores with a wide range of technology gadgets which can make any person glued to the screen for hours. There are also numerous web stores that cater to kids, parents and teenagers.

In general, eCommerce sites engage web customers and they are ready to struggle for each and every one of them. These days, you can’t really say that online shopping is a niche market, aimed at a small audience anymore.

E-commerce is an exciting place for entrepreneurs to dive in and reap out the big money that comes with it. Having said that, it’s also an exciting adventure. There are certain things that would bring a business crashing down before anyone could even think it would fall. We have seen many major companies trying to foray into e-commerce, but not everyone has tasted success here.

I’m not going to talk about the advantages of online stores, we all already know that the system works. What I do want to talk about now are the must-have features which would skyrocket your sales exponentially.

  • Box to search: A properly placed search box, will allow your visitors for a quick search of product.
  • Featured Products: While showing featured products for your homepage or website, It will show the top selling products and available offers to users. To get observed your well-known product you need to push it each time.  
  • Related Products: This upselling feature will show your visitors which are the different products they should purchase along what they are presently viewing, position the heading in a smart way, which includes, “customers who bought our this product also bought…” this encourages your visitors to buy more than one item.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Allow customers to enter their email address to get updates along with offers and promotions. This feature will let you to run marketing campaigns and advertisements by building your mailing list.
  • Product Zoom: Having a feature to zoom your product images is a positive factor, because it allows site visitors to peer the details of each of your products that works well, as from time to time users always prefer to sense and touch, so that you can easily update this by adding a zoom feature, which virtually brings out the information to your product.
  • Categories: List the name of categories on your site to list the product information. The categories will help your customers to search easily.
  • Good Navigation: On an eCommerce site navigation is an important factor for users to access various sections of the site along with a quick link back to the shopping cart without problems.
  • Plenty of Payment Options: Deciding on an appropriate payment gateway solution on your website, it will offer guarantee to your site visitors. Pick a seller account that your users are secure with. The more you have, the more global your enterprise can be.
  • Privacy Policy: Put a privacy policy link in the footer your site.
  • Return Policy: When there is an excellent return policy the customers may have greater assurance if something go wrong. And can return the product without any difficulty. The policy can increase the sales, as customers feel more secure to shop for.
  • Customer Login & Registration: Give customers the option to sign in to your website. So at the time of return they don’t want to go into billing and payment section again. Give them an option for a fast check out.
  • Good Graphics: Try to setup your site with banners and images. Display your sales promotions, offers and banners it will attract users and make them to click.
  • Delivery Information: Inform your customers how you’re going to deliver products, along with clear timelines customers will know when to expect the delivery.
  • News & Events: In this section you could inform your visitors about the new products, offers, business infrmations. Use a blog platform to do the process perfectly.

Social Media Presence:

Put social media icons on your site and let your customers know that you are available on the networking sites, It can also boost your brand and online presence.

How to Setup a Feature-Loaded E-commerce Website?

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