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What Are Some Examples of Online Marketplace Websites

by Ashley Zimmerman

What is an Online Marketplace?

An Online Marketplace is a type of eCommerce platform that connects buyers and sellers. This eCommerce website provides information on products or services by the third-parties whereas consumer transactions are processed by the marketplace operator. The available online marketplaces in the market are:

  • On-Demand
  • Managed
  • SAAS
  • Community Driven

The major benefits of selling in online marketplaces are:

  • Digital Visibility
  • Diverse Customers
  • SEO Reinforcement
  • Easy Management

Let’s dive into the different online marketplace websites and its benefits with examples of best online marketplaces.

What are the top 10 best online marketplaces in 2019

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Walmart
  4. Etsy
  5. Alibaba
  6. Jet
  7. Wish
  8. Zibbet
  9. Wayfair
  10. Bonanza

Benefits of Online Marketplaces for sellers

  • Increased Revenue to sellers
  • Advantage of increased utilization
  • Easier for the seller

Benefits of Online Marketplaces for buyers

  • Lower pricing
  • Ease of use
  • Unique products with higher quality

Examples of Newly launched Online Marketplaces


online marketplace website product

Whether new to flower gardening or a seasoned pro, we are sure you will find something new and entertaining at FlowerGardeners.  Up until recently, the site had aimed to provide the information and resources needed to create the perfect garden.

Joni Becker contacted iScripts to build on this existing gardening site.  She wanted to expand her online business and users by incorporating an online marketplace where gardeners could come together and share the harvest.  Instead of just providing information and resources, Jodi wanted to attract and support users who may have extra flowers and/or plants to sell.  She accomplished this by using the iScripts MultiCart solution.

Vendor Lily

online marketplace website product

Being a boutique owner herself, Christi was familiar with the problems that some store owners face. Some products that will not move in one store, are sometimes a hot commodity in another.  At times, store owners would love to offer new products, but the fear of loss associated with minimum order requirements sometimes prevents that.  Excessive time can also be attributed to seeking out unique products or vendors.

After seeking to find a solution for these common problems, Christi decided to create her own website, Vendor Lily, by slightly customizing iScripts MultiCart.

Boutique store owners sign up to buy and sell products at wholesale prices amongst each other.  Individual vendors sign up to expose themselves to prospective stores.  To ensure pricing is not open to the general public, Vendor Lily buyers are required to have Federal Tax ID numbers and other defining information for wholesale pricing approval.

We support the launch of Vendor Lily and were delighted to be part of its creation.  Have your own website idea? Let us know!

Community Cooperative

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.57.20 PM

Community Cooperative site is designed and crafted for coir industry needs. The site can be easily managed by manufacturers, producers, distributors, resellers, retailers, affiliates and consumers.

Community Cooperative is an abundance mindset, to create a competitive edge to succeed in the market. By being a part of community cooperative club members, it has benefits of an e-commerce platform and can leverage the sales reach to a really different and unique market space. The features included in the site are:

  • Affiliates Plans – While signing upon the website there is an option to choose affiliates which can be set by admin. 
  • Referral – Affiliates are given privileges to refer buyers and affiliates to the website.
  • 2nd Tier Commission – When a purchase is made by the buyer, the affiliates who referred the buyer will receive commission (up to 2 levels).
  • Reports – A full-fledged report section has been provided to track all the referrals and commissions.
  • CRM API Integration – The forms submitted via the website will reach the clients’ CRM.
  • Graphic Design Changes – We made adjustments to the existing iScripts MultiCart Enterprise software to fulfill the needs and wishes of the client

Handmade Michigan

online marketplace website product

Have a niche market to sell to? Want to empower a specific group of sellers by offering them a platform to sell their items? Take notes from our latest customization customer, Handmade in Michigan.

Handmade Michigan is a marketplace for the Michigan artists, craftsmen, crafters, and creative people, which enables them to fulfill their commerce dreams. iScripts MultiCart, the online eCommerce portal from the iScripts team, is a Multi-Vendor shopping cart software that allows the creation of eCommerce marketplace.

iScripts MultiCart was customized in order to make the site more oriented to sell handmade articles with direct seller payments. Designers from the iScripts team created a crisp look for the website. Handmade in Michigan created a unique, segmented venue for these artisans to showcase and sell their own goods.  See more about at Handmade Michigan.

Made in the Koots

online marketplace website product

Made in the Koots is a marketplace offering one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items for anyone looking to find a unique and distinctive gift or quality item.  The marketplace presents handcrafted products from talented and creative artisans, artists, and craftspeople from across the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.

By using iScripts MultiCart, James Gackle aspires to raise awareness of the unique handmade products abundant within the beautiful Kootenays.

The goal of his site is to contribute to the further financial successes of local creative talent. Vendors do not pay any signup, membership, or listing fees to become a seller.  After an artist creates a free account and links to a PayPal account, they can then list and sell products.  James will receive 8% commission only when a product is sold.

We wish the best for James and this unique site!  Do you have a local area you would like to support or raise awareness for? Contact us with your general idea to receive a fast quote along with helpful information to get started. You may also browse our Customer Showcase for more sites using iScripts software!

My Farmers Market

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 5.06.11 PM

Myfarmersmkt is dedicated to providing an inexpensive opportunity for small-scale and home-based farmers and entrepreneurs to sell their homemade, home grown and self-produced products to shoppers everywhere.

As a part of Phase 4 customization, an option has been added for the users to select the quantity of delivery in the contract page.

Since iScripts MultiCart already includes a number of impressive features, most of the website functionality was included with the software – all provided for just under $200. See the DEMO or call us for more information on how our MultiCart products may be the perfect fit for your new online business.

Global Petals

online marketplace website product

We are thrilled to bring the Global Petals e-commerce site to life!  With a concept innovative enough to change the floral industry, the site surely raises eyebrows.  Global Petals is a platform for florists to acquire inventory directly from plantations around the world.  Rather than dealing with wholesalers, Global Petals makes it possible for florists to cut out the middleman and search the marketplace themselves to discover products at the best price.

Members must be florists to utilize the website, but Global Petals also features a “Quick Shop” store within the platform.  This is an area where non-members of the general public may browse and purchase select items and floral arrangements.

Have a breakthrough e-commerce idea of your own? Combine it with our software and make it a reality. Check out the new iScripts MultiCart for yourself.



BirthingPower is a community of buyers and leading-edge businesses offering products, gifts, classes, professional services and more for an empowered pregnancy, birth and beyond. BirthPower Members are creating social change and receiving public reach for their own products and services through radical collaboration!

Now you may be wondering how you can start such platforms to sell and let others sell their own unique products. iScripts MultiCart is the best solution, as it contains all the necessary features and extras required to make your idea a reality within just a few clicks.

You can choose to operate your site in the Etsy model or an Amazon Marketplace Model. Sellers will also receive feedback based on user experiences.

The software allows you to add an unlimited amount of products and vendors to the system, and also includes all shipping and payment options you need to get started. Sellers on Handmade in Michigan may be based in one location, but our software allows sellers from around the world to take advantage of products offered.

MerchRow- The Merchandising Platform For Bands

multi vendor shopping cart

MerchRow Built with from marriage of iScripts MultiCart technology and the ingenious business model of brothers Sandon and Brian Clark, it will revolutionize the screen printing business by offering an easy, drop ship model for band merchandise or any shirt vendor.

In unison with their gifted ability to screen print eye-catching product such as t-shirts, hats, and other clothing, Lucky Number 17 has created an outlet for bands to submit unique designs to the website and allow merchrow.com to manage production, payment processing, inventory management, and shipping of products.

According to their Facebook page, Merchrow.com “is an outlet for bands and brands to sell their gear online without having to buy their product and have it sit on the shelf, waiting to be sold. We have a full-service screen-printing shop that can that can print on demand so we can service our clients touring needs and distribution demand.” Currently, they feature more than 50 bands from the local and extended area.

The genius of their system exists in the custom interface that allows bands to view their account, track sales, and profitably market goods to fans. The days of bands contracting screen printers to have single runs of shirts made only to carry unsold or unwanted inventory are numbered. With the inventory management of individual products and sizes, orders can be shipped directly from the production line to any customer, local distributor or band manager.

Visit the brand new MerchRow.com to view their growing number of items and designs powered by iScripts MultiCart.


online marketplace website product

This website has a group of users signed up as sellers to provide a variety of quality products at affordable prices. Categories have been populated for easy navigation.

Since the site is hosted on iScriptsCloud.com, this customer did not require more than a website name to begin creating a site. iScriptsCloud is a hassle-free option for our non-technical customers who are uncomfortable with the idea of installing software or setting up hosting on their own.


Local Yard and Garage Sales Online

LYAGSO is an acronym for Local Yard and Garage Sales Online. Their goal is multi-purpose.
If you really want to go on a garage sale hunt or if you’re just looking to find some quality items at reasonable prices, LYAGSO would be just the right place!
LYAGSO wants to help you clear the clutter from your home using online and local yard sales using classified ad listings. LYAGSO’s online sales venue allows you to sell your unwanted or no longer needed items (for an undetermined period of time), so you can find a buyer and clear out your home.
The site is comprised of all of your auctions, garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, tag sales, or any other rummage sales (in the United States).

Hospital 2 Hospital

multi vendor shopping cart

Hospital 2 Hospital Inventory Consulting is a network linking acute-care hospitals across the country to enable transfer of stranded or short-dated medical devices between facilities.

Sterility expiration of prescription medical devices costs hospitals across the country hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Change occurs frequently with respect to clinical selection and inevitably a certain amount of the previous product sits idle on hospital shelves.

To solve this issue, H2H Group offers a better and more financially responsible solution.

Consultants (former or current clinical sales representatives) work with inventory specialists, department heads, team leaders, and manufacturer’s representatives to identify targeted inventory and identify locations where these stranded items are still in regular use to arrange for transfer.

H2H receives fees for the consultation involved in the transfer process. Receiving hospitals are invoiced by H2H on behalf of the shipping account, with H2H retaining its consulting fee and the balance paid to the originating hospital.

iScripts MultiCart served the needs of H2H Group, but needed some custom work such as a new user flow, consultant login, inventory management, hospital identifiers and product indexing. We are now in Phase II, moving along development with professional site features such as restrictive purchasing and pricing flow (based on metrics).

We are excited to help H2H Group get up and running!

Want to see more projects and fellow entrepreneurs? View websites listed by additional customers within our customer showcase.

Caribe 360

multi vendor shopping cart

Caribe 360 started as a training program to increase economic opportunity in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This evolved into a community of Caribbean entrepreneurs that offer goods and services on the Caribe360 Marketplace.  Products and services are influenced by different islands and offered by individuals as well as independently owned stores.

The site customizations include graphic design, custom banners, home page redesign, a new navigation, and layout changes to categories and featured products.

iScripts MultiCart comes equipped with rich features and functions allowing store owners to create a complete multi-vendor website.  As this buisness model is similar to Etsy and Ebay, site owners can add vendors to the store (if prior arrangements have been made) or leave registration open to the public.

There are a number of key perks within the software such as site, seller and product feedback, Google AdSense, multi-currency capability, multiple payment gateways, detailed reports, automated operations, coupon code functionality quick installation and more.

The vendor login allows sellers to quickly add items, adjust prices, upload pictures and more. When the end consumer purchases from the store, vendors receive notification with a shipping address and instructions. Once customers receive the item, the site administrator releases payment to the vendor minus commission.

If you are interested in the iScripts MultiCart software or developing your own custom website, contact us at 1-(800)-569-5538 for free info or a personal quote.  All we need are your website requirements to develop an accurate fixed price quote.  Our customization clients also receive free installation and 50% off copyright removal! See some of our previous clients within our portfolio by scrolling to the bottom of our Customization page.

Auto Parts Consignment

multi vendor shopping cart

Autopartsconsignment is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell new and used auto parts.  Powered by iScripts Multicart, autopartsconsignment.com is unlike any other auto parts e-commerce website.  The website makes it easier for anyone who wishes to sell their auto parts to post a listing on the website, and for buyers to find the products they need.

Upon first glance, the website looks extremely user-friendly – the middle of the page explains what the website is and how it works, and searching for products is easy with the categories sidebar or the search engine.  For users who need more information, they can browse the different tabs at the top of the website.

Besides aesthetics, autopartsconsignment.com is also unique in terms of features.  The website allows users to be buyers and sellers from the same login, which makes it easier for users to manage their products.  The users can easily browse the catalog and make purchases and sales from a single account.  The users don’t need administrative approval to sign up for an account, but on the backend of the website, the administrator has the ability to manage users, send them mail, and obtain website and transaction statistics.

iScripts Multicart is a multi-vendor shopping cart software that makes transactions easier for buyers and sellers.  The software allows users to post and view physical and digital products, as well as support different payment methods.  In the backend, sellers are able to generate revenue from either selling their products or obtaining commission from other sellers.

Buyers will be able to buy from multiple sellers instantaneously, and these sellers have the administrative power to individually manage their products, orders, shipments, and every other aspect of their transactions.

We were happy to help Anjie create this site using iScripts MultiCart. If you are interested in creating your own site, let us know!

Wrap Up

Now you may be wondering how you can start such a platform to sell and let others sell unique products. iScripts MultiCart is the best solution, as it contains all the necessary features and extras required to make your ideas a reality within just a few clicks.

Try it out for yourself right now See the Free Live DEMO Here

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728,  1-(800)-569-5538 or sales@iscripts.com

iScripts MultiCart is a feature-packed software that supports an unlimited number of sellers, categories, and products. Start your totally automated, trouble-free, money-minting and multi-store e-commerce site today.

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