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Multi-Store Shopping Cart

by Kathy Hill

Create a distributed ecommerce platform or multi-level marketing website using an efficient, premade multi-store shopping cart solution. iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is a valuable software employable by a number of industries with varying business models.

Who can use the script as it is intended?

Sales representatives, sellers, vendors and resellers can have individual storefronts all connected to one database.  This way, the site administrator can easily access pertinent information such as sales and various reports. Products may be entered into the system using a CSV upload or by manually adding this content. This can be accomplished by the sellers or the site administrator.  Commission rates can be set for individual resellers if this is an option within your business model. Gift card functionality, banner management, real-time package tracking , flexible tax calculation, and refund capabilities are also included in this comprehensive system.

These stores can also be conveniently rebranded to fit individual seller or site needs.  This is advantageous for businesses with a wide range of product lines that are  marketed to different targets and cannot be combined within a single website. Host and sell these product lines separately if you wish, but keep data and records connected within one database for easy management and updating.

This multi-channel ecommerce software comes equipped with built-in payment gateways (such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, First Data, WorldPay, BluePay and offline methods) while also supporting real-time shipping tracking and calculation. If any website or feature changes are required for your multi-store shopping cart now or in the future, the script can be modified by a professional php programmer of your own or by the team at iScripts.com who created the software.

iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is the perfect solution for your business’ reseller, multi-level marketing or niche market needs.  Because the solution incorporates all of the main features your site requires, you can spend less time and resources investing in your site launch and reach your overall business goals quicker.


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