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Upgrade your eCommerce with Multi-store shopping cart software.

by Noyal Sharook
Multi-store shopping Cart

The trend towards Multi-store shopping carts, also known as online marketplaces, is gaining momentum among eCommerce entrepreneurs. One of the key advantages of eCommerce is the ability to operate across national borders without limitation.

The Multi-store model allows each seller or merchant to have their own shop within a multi-vendor shopping cart software which they are free to manage as they see fit. The platform owner takes care of order processing, tracking, and payments, streamlining the process for merchants and facilitating increased sales through innovative marketing strategies.

For those who lack the resources to establish their own online marketplace, Multi-store shopping cart software offers a valuable solution. This software enables the easy creation of one or multiple branded websites using a single shared database.

9 Benefits of upgrading your eCommerce with a Multi-Store Shopping Cart software:

Benefits of Multi-Store Shopping Cart Software
  1. Cost-effective: Merchants can avoid the high infrastructure cost of setting up an individual store by creating an account in the multi-store system.
  2. Statistics & Analytics: Shopping cart software can organize information for all successful transactions and ensure smooth transaction flow, making it easier for business owners to manage their clients and orders.
  3. Large catalogue: Your platform will have more catalogue of products for potential customers to choose from, making it a more attractive option.
  4. SEO-friendly: With large and dynamically updated content, marketplace eCommerce ensures maximum SEO flows to the site and increases online activity.
  5. Business Performance Check: Product Catalog Management and simplified business management produce reports to monitor regular sales and provide opportunities for better customer service.
  6. Commission-based Revenue: Marketplace admins can charge a percentage (commission) from vendors on the selling price of an item, generating continuous passive revenue for providing a platform to vendors for selling their products.
  7. Discounting & Coupons: Back-end marketing, discount/sale coupons, inventory tracking, and user ratings/reviews make it more attractive to customers and earn more revenue from the website.
  8. Easy Checkout Features: With the help of an online shopping cart, customers can easily pay for all selected items using inbuild payment features.
  9. Easier marketing: Marketing is made easy with vendors themself promoting products for you and bring users to the website.

Upgrade To Multi-Store eCommerce with iScripts MultiCart

Benefits of Multi-Store Shopping Cart Software

iScripts MultiCart is an open-source Multi-store shopping cart software that offers a turnkey solution to start your own multi-store eCommerce or even even upgrade your existing eCommerce website.. You have the flexibility to decide how you’d like your site hosted, either online, through iScripts Cloud, or on your own servers.

Before starting your marketplace website, it’s crucial to be aware all the features that you will get with our innovative eCommerce software. The platform offers several responsive themes and mobile applications for both buyers and sellers to make shopping more accessible. One of the prominent features of iScripts MultiCart is the Recommendation Engine, which uses data filtering algorithms to recommend relevant items to a particular user.

Stripe Adaptive Payment is another big feature, that automatically transfers payments to vendors’ accounts, making the job of an admin easy. Additionally, the platform allows you to fine-tune your settings through the admin panel, add free shipping rates, connect your store via social networks, and add products and categories easily.

If you are ready to upgrade your eCommerce to a Multi-store shopping platform, take a look at the free live demo of iScripts MultiCart and experiment with the backend to get a better feel for the site you could own and market. Contact us at (312) 423-6728 to learn more about our web software and mobile apps or to inquire about custom development at a reasonable rate.

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