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Multi Seller Shopping Cart

by Aji Abraham

Etsy and eBay both use multi-seller shopping carts.  This allows a user to purchase from multiple sellers at once.  One of the most attractive features of these sites is the variety of products available that would normally not be found anywhere else. Vendors and sellers on these sites usually do not have the ability or time to create a site of their own to sell products.  In return, these products exclusive to the site.  Buyers are attracted to these sites knowing that some goods are homemade, unique, and/or found all together in one location.  This is convenient for users because it helps them easily find products versus conducting multiple online searches.

It can be very beneficial to start a site with a  similar business model.  Aside from homemade products or local artists, you could also incorporate a multi-seller shopping cart with an existing business or blog. This would compliment your product offering and stimulate increased interest for your target. If you do not have an existing online presence or business, you could also start your marketplace around a specific niche. How to get started?

The best way to get started is to use a quality multi-seller shopping cart. First you will need a domain and hosting provider. After this, simply install the multi-seller shopping cart on your site and customize as needed. Include your own logo and site content while choosing your payment gateways, commission percentage, shipping options and automated settings. These features are already included in the iScripts MultiCart solution, which is available at an outstanding affordable price.

iScripts MultiCart to allow you to scale and build on your existing website by giving you unencrypted code.  This means your site can also be changed or altered at any time by you or with an affordable customization. There are no monthly fees and after your one-time purchase, the script is completely yours.

Multi-seller shopping cart scripts like iScripts Multicart make it possible for you to start your own business or expand your existing business by adding a marketplace that will provide your customers with a wide variety of unique physical or downloadable products to peak their interest.

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