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Modernizing The Summer Flea Market

by Kathy Hill

Summertime brings a collection of small business endeavors.  Garage sales, lemonade stands, and flea markets pop up every weekend bringing in customers looking for reasonably priced, unique items.  What if you could harness the power of the flea market and generate business from all over the country all year round?  Good news, you can!  iScripts eSwap is a barter software that allows you to create your own swap meet in minutes!

What is iScripts eSwap?

iScripts eSwap allows you to create your own online marketplace where users can buy, sell, and exchange items.  Your users can list items, negotiate with others, create wishlists, and swap items.  You can charge a listing fee for each item, escrow feeds, or monthly subscription fees.  Therefore you make money for offering a service without having to sell anything yourself!

Why is eswap more effective than your run-of-the-mill flea market?

Besides eliminating the need to worry about the general constraints of location and weather, your flea market can also eliminate the constraints uninterested customers place on a business.  Instead of generating business from only partially interested bargain shoppers, you can focus your attention on a certain product or type of product.  This will set you apart from all the generic garage sales on every corner throughout the summer.  By offering a place to swap just kitchen supplies, children’s toys, or clothes you can create loyal swappers who want to come back time and time again.

iScripts eSwap also allows for an unlimited number of users, categories, and products!  Reach out to a growing market and you can have a swapping service for an endless number of customers.   You can always expand your marketplace without having to worry about the amount of physical space it would take to run this sort of swap meet in a physical location!

Want to know more about iScripts eSwap and how it can help clear some clutter and put some money in your pocket? View our website and learn more about what eSwap can do for you.

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