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Mobile and Online Ordering Give Restaurants Tasty Profit

by Sheri Levitt

Everyone knows customers are going mobile for everything from event planning to grocery shopping. The surprising part is, some industries are averaging higher totals from these growing trends versus traditional channels. 

  • Online and mobile orders are 30% higher than the industry average. When customers go online to order food, they’re more likely to select bigger and more expensive portions.
  • Restaurants observe an 11% increase in orders per month when they enable online and mobile ordering.

Even if you don’t own a restaurant, you can take advantage of this opportunity with iScripts NetMenus.

In addition, the iScripts NetMenus iPhone App allows you to effectively serve restaurant customers using mobile capabilities. The app can be branded with your information and customers can easily install the app and order online. We will help to submit your app to Apple iTunes store as well.

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