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Mobile Apps Created by Our Versatile Team

by Aji Abraham

iScripts Mobile App Projects

Our team can easily develop custom mobile iOS and Android apps for online and brick and mortar businesses, similar to the businesses shown below. Keep up with your competition and stay current by marketing to and interacting with your customers in ways they’ve come to expect. We can help your business stay tech-savvy even if you aren’t! Contact us at any time by emailing sales@iscripts.com or for an immediate response, call (312) 423-6728.


Project: Miniland Chicago iOS App at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

Chicago Miniland is an attraction showcasing intricate LEGO models of famous Chicago landmarks. Highlights include the Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Buckingham Fountain and the Wrigley Building. In an effort to further educate and entertain adults and children alike, iPad stations featuring informative information and fun facts were installed just outside the display.

Miniland Chicago was broken up into three sections. Each iPad displays a separate interactive map to correspond with each section. Children and adults alike interact with these interactive maps by touching the screens, selecting individual LEGO buildings, to find out exactly how many hours and/or LEGO bricks it took to create the model, along with other fun, miscellaneous facts.

This was a simple iOS app, easily created in a short amount of time by our team at iScripts. Interested in creating your own iPad app within a physical space of your brick and mortar business? It’s a simple process! Contact us for more information and a cost estimate.




Project Name: 8to18

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.armia.android.myeighttoeighteen&hl=en

The mobile applications are connected and interact with the standard site by API. End-users will be able to download a dedicated mobile application for their chosen mobile platform that will duplicate the function of the main site. These applications will be made available from the primary marketplace of their mobile platform, namely the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

The app gives convenient mobile access to the latest HS or MS sports and activity information. It also allows users to personalize the app by adding events like practices, games, and meetings to their own calendar and to view team photos, rosters, game results, and news etc.

Can you think of a way to utilize this app in your daily life? It would surely make keeping up with facts and schedules much easier!

iScripts NetMenus Android Kitchen App Enhancements
Project Name:

2 Orders is a dynamic online food ordering service which allows online users to place takeout and delivery orders in a simple but customizable ordering process.

This app is included with our NetMenus Software. Contact us for more information regarding the complete online ordering and delivery software.

Following are the enhancements completed in the Android Kitchen App:

  • Special Requests – the special requests added while ordering will be displayed in the kitchen App.
  • Delivery & Pick up Time – The delivery & pickup timings will be displayed in the kitchen App.
  • Contact Details – Delivery address can be accessed from the kitchen App
  • Order cancellation – An option to cancel the booked orders
  • Notification – Push notification for new order
  • Completion Status – Kitchen App user will be able to mark an order as complete.



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