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Marketing Your Print Shop

by Sheri Levitt

It’s no surprise that online printing can be a profitable business. By streamlining processes and reducing operational costs while offering individualized products to customers, those within the printing industry have a lot to miss out on by not moving forward and taking services online. Consequently, this marketplace can also be a difficult one to compete in.  It can be challenging to keep your target engaged.  How should you move forward?

  • Offer a Large Range of Valuable Services — Have you considered offering design services before customers send projects off to print? Binding, packaging and shipping services can also make the process seamless for your customers. Your customers should be aware of all the services and price points you offer.  Many would prefer this option as opposed to using many independent shops for each service.   Assess your competitors regularly and innovate to stay ahead.
  • Size Doesn’t Matter; Impression Does — An impressive site and a social media presence are necessary basics. Social media allows businesses to connect with individuals and groups – regardless of location. Aside from this, many customers now use social media as a type of background check for businesses. After finding your business online, many customers will check your accounts, customers and business relations before purchasing and using your services.  If you have active social media accounts for your business along with a following and public conversation, it will reflect positively. You can also generate additional interest and awareness by taking advantage of offline word-of-mouth techniques. Become involved in community events and activities, join groups and become visible locally.
  • Take Your Print Shop Online — By taking your shop online, you will have the benefits of a global audience with 24/7 access to your products and services.  On top of cutting costs, you can also increase convenience for your customers.  Easily take your existing print shop and services online, with iScripts PrintLogic.  The all-in-one, affordable software includes a built-in online design editor, customer database and shopping cart.  Customize the site to fit your business by including your own logo, site content, products, options, and prices.

Go digital but be sure to keep certain aspects of the business that your customers are already accustomed to (such as easy access to quality customer service and products).  Even online, it is possible to offer your customers the personal touch that sets your printing business apart from the rest.

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