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New Version Launched: iScripts NetMenus With Driver App

by Milan Mathew

Nowadays, smartphone technology has gradually changed everything from Uber service booking to food ordering. People now prefer to use mobile apps for booking a taxi or a hotel room and also now with ordering food from their favorite restaurant. With just a few simple clicks from their home, people can get food delivered to their home and taxi at their doorstep.

As we talk about the food delivery industry, a lot of restaurant owners are using mobile apps to enhance the whole process of ordering food and serving their customers. Today, you can see that restaurants are trying different white-labeled solutions like UberEats and Grubhub.

Lately, there has been a lot of important stuff to know about having a mobile app, especially if you are running a restaurant business. Having a strong mobile presence is extremely important because that’s actually going to give you most of your potential leads. According to the business statistics of the restaurant business in the United States, more than 60% of local searches on mobile actually convert into buying customers within an hour or two.

Considering this scenario, it’s pretty obvious that the current trend is very much favorable for installing a food delivery feature for your restaurant app. Hence, here we have come up with the topmost required feature for a restaurant app and giving you a glimpse of why it’s important to invest in food delivery apps for your restaurant business.

iScripts Team has been focused on the current restaurant business demands and we are more happy to announce the new Driver feature app for the Online Restaurant Delivery Software, iScripts NetMenus.
As per the latest update, iScripts NetMenus offers on-demand food delivery feature from local restaurants with the help of a driver. Customers choose menu items from a restaurant, then drivers pick up the food and deliver the food to customers.

Driver App Features:

  • User-Friendly dashboard.
  • Direct Login Feature: The Driver can log in through the app directly with the respective username and password assigned by the restaurant.
  • Order Management: When a new order is received, restaurants can assign it to the particular driver which in turn gives a notification about the complete order details.
  • Get drivers going in the right direction: Smart driver assignments, integrated Google maps & driving directions makes the drivers easy to find the end-user location.
  • Delivery Status: Once the order has been delivered, the driver can easily notify the particular restaurant by just tapping the delivered status for the successful delivery.
  • Assigned Delivery Driver & order Details: The restaurants can fully view the particular driver and order details for whichever item was taken for delivery.
  • High performance with extensive driver reports.

iScripts NetMenus allows you to create an online ordering system for single or multiple location restaurants. You can easily make a food ordering platform like GrubHub or Eat 24 Hours using NetMenus software which is feature-packed and fully customizable to meet your services, especially with the new app. Provide your users with the ability to place reservations for dinner, right on their mobile device.

iScripts Netmenus also comes with both iPhone and Android App. These mobile applications are connected to and interact with your standard website. Customers can download the dedicated mobile applications for their chosen mobile platform. These will duplicate the function of the main website. These applications can also be found on the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

Using this complete system, you can grow your existing restaurant business while meeting new customer demands and staying competitive within the restaurant industry. By taking advantage of what iScripts NetMenus has to offer, your site will provide a wide selection of products, streamline online ordering, accept online payments and much more.

We’ve included a wide range of features in the software, making it a complete online ordering and delivery system, ready to go as-is. It can be customized to fit your individual needs, but not required for a full and operable site. You should also learn the Features and Qualities Needed for a Restaurant Ordering System.

Whether you are running a restaurant, or want to start your own food delivery business with some new ideas, having an app for your business plays an important role to make it a success. In this world of smartphones, food delivery apps can make your business stand out from your competitors.


Online Ordering App for iOS and Android
Nowadays the importance of apps is playing a big role for users. Everyone likes to order the things they need from wherever they are without any struggles. For startups, those who are coming up with new ideas must try to build an app for your website. Seeing an app will satisfy the users other than your website. Users can see your brand in their smartphones and it will make them try your app. If you have an idea of building an online ordering app iScripts have a solution for it – NetMenus.

For more questions regarding the online food ordering software call us at (312) 423-6728. We are happy to share the working of our software. We also offer custom development of web and mobile apps at a reasonable rate.

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