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Launch of Online Dating Portal: ChocolateSingles.com

by Sheri Levitt

ChocolateSingles is the online dating platform for Black and Latino singles. This online dating website community is the platform for singles to interact, meet and make relationships which are also fun and easy.

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Features of ChocolateSingles.com:
  • Instant Messaging

Users can takepart in our public chatroom to talk with all site users, or instant messages other users for a more private conversation!

Chat, play games, share screens, send stickers, and more.

  • Share photos and news

Users can create albums, upload their favorite photos, and share them to the world! Users can also share updates on the newsfeed and profile, and comment on posts.

Share, comment, rate photos/albums, share and comment on news post.

  • Matches & Search

Our system automatically matches users together based on the answers they leave on their “My Match” section of their profile. Matches are displayed to them on the Matches Page and Dashboard, where you can easily contact matches! We also host a brilliant search for finding your specific taste.

Match with others, bookmark users, search for specific looks, work, etc.

  • Friends, Gifts, Winks

Users can add each other as friends and always keep connected to one another. For quicker flirting, our users are also able to send virtual gifts with credits and winks!

ChocolateSingles.com is the first-ever dating product of its kind. They offer a modern, fresh take on free dating with a focus on connecting black singles.

iScripts takes pride in the grand launch of a new online dating portal by Florida resident, Ann Choma. With the use of the basic platform, iScripts Online Dating ScriptiScripts CyberMatch, this site was able to come to life.

You alone control when or where you wish to exchange your real identity and personal contact details with any other members on the platform. The website offers singles a safe and protected environment to stimulate fun and friendships to begin on their own terms. Singles can send interest notifications, messages and even use live chat to connect with others. Website promoters say this is an opportunity for singles to meet and start friendships to ultimately take their relationship further.

Increasing the involvement of the internet in everyday life has changed the way people communicate, connect and find new friends.  The effect and importance of social media itself are evident in how society is shaped by the internet and technology. One such new age internet resource is the online dating service. It is much different than social media, as the purpose it serves is much more focused or niche-specific, rather than a generic platform. However, it also shares many features with well-known social media sites.

Although it started out with a lukewarm reception, online dating sites have become a highly popular way for single people to meet and find romantic partners. The fact that the internet itself comes with the scope of fraudulent and uninvited guests, the online dating scene was pretty much affected in its early periods. But times have changed.  A healthy cultural revolution is in fact brewing within the online scene and many of the existing stigmas about relationships originating online are quickly wearing off.

Finding partner through dating app

The earnings from this business are roughly the same as any regular online business. Online related business is built very much based on the amount of traffic we can muster. In a competitive industry, you should consider this fact.

Considering online dating, we have a clear strategy and expected results as most of them are niche-specific. Yet, the scope for good business investment (and competition) still holds. Coupled with various pre-built services like SEO, AdWords, PPC and some quality time invested in good social networking and advertising, ideal planning sessions will help you achieve a profit.

Beginning your own dating website takes time, hard work, as well as creativity, but these sites have a genuine perspective as the cash making services and as a way to assist solitary people to find real love. 

A brief look at the basic steps would be as follows:

#1: Inception

Prefer your dating in a “specific niche.” Lots of websites exist are currently utilized by the general people, so hitting a more customized dating market (college-age, over 35, AARP members, arts-oriented and wine fanatic singles) is the absolute trick. 

#2: Branding
Invent a name for your business, check for domain and also make a logo for your business. Display your logo design on your site as well as all your organization communications. Branding is crucial to making your website attractive to have a genuine existence in the internet world– which is where you will discover your consumers.

#3: Monetary and Other Capital Requirements

Set yourself as a brand-new company with an organization savings account. It’s fairly not essential to obtain a business license. Simply having social safety and security number, tax paperwork is usually adequate.

#4: Your Website, App and Other Resources
This is where you connect with your market and cannot be comprised at no level. A great website with associated apps is the key that holds the future of your business. Thus, it requires a bit more explanation, which you will discover reading below.

#5: Marketing and Advertisements
Market the site to get the users to hitch. Look at social media sites for singles to focus on. Advertise at singles’ events that fit your website’s specific niche. Do a significant email blast with special offers to influence the rate of interest of singles. Please note that new dating websites are no longer permitted to promote on Facebook.

#6: Wrapping Up

Confirm all the details to make sure your website is best. Praise yourself for learning exactly how to establish your own internet dating site. Go live as well as enjoy your online dating service get off. Offer to your site power, start growth and results in acceleration, acquiring dating web site’s email data source and creating wise email campaigning and send your website to all main internet search engines and also to renowned boards or directories.

Let’s take a deeper look at the 4th point: the website and app requirement. Pre-built solutions are so advantageous that they enable you to get the complete and best final output and enough time to focus on more important things than these resources.

With dating scripts such as iScripts CyberMatch, you can easily build international, casual, matrimonial or social dating sites aimed at a general audience or a specific niche group. iScripts CyberMatch is one software you can totally rely on for data security where both users and the admin can feel secure about their sensitive data.

Let’s see how iScripts CyberMatch can exactly match your requirements and truly save your time.
Once you have the script installed at one of your domain, configuring the website is super-easy with the powerful admin panel. All you have to do is simply place your logo, change the various contents and with few clicks here and there, Ta-Da! You are ready. Your personalized online dating script is already running.

Description on online dating software

Any feature, you name it, iScripts CyberMatch has included it along with the most professional way to meet industry standards and the gather acclamation from the critics. It comes with sleek and organized profiles for the users with features like:

  • Automated User Background check
  • Advanced Search functions
  • Internal Instant Messaging System
  • Abuse Reporting
  • Social Media Integration and much more…

A unique feature of iScripts CyberMatch is its flexibility. It can be run either as a fully-featured standalone platform or working as part of another website with its seamless integration.

The responsive website with a lot of dynamic layouts, themes and the iPhone App that work in tandem to offer a great dating experience to your users.

That’s not all, view the full list of iScripts CyberMatch features here.

Ready to create your own online dating site? Try it out for yourself right now See the Free Live DEMO: iScripts CyberMatch

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or email to sales@iscripts.com

We have the ability to modify and tweak the script and add any additional features or site design changes. Just tell us your thoughts and any budget specifics or limitations. We will work with you to provide the best options!

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