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Kickstarter Clone Script

by Aji Abraham

Have you ever thought of creating a site like Kickstarter, then Kickstarter clone script is the best option to start with, which will help you to reach more than you think?

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter,

The platform was launched in 2009 as a crowdfunding platform allowing project creators to collect money from the public for investment. Each project is independently created while owners keep 100% of their work. A funding goal and deadline are set by project creators for collecting funds.

Kickstarter Clone Script

If the goal is reached within the allotted time, their project is funded. Kickstarter collects 5% of funds invested per project. In 2012, there were 18,109 successfully funded projects and, $319,786,629 pledged.

The most successful projects were within the film and video, games and music categories. You may be wondering if you can compete with Kickstarter or why you should seriously consider it. The thing is, you don’t have to compete with them.

How to make a website like Kickstarter?

So, You want to build a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter.

You can create your own website targeted towards a specific niche, while Kickstarter is aimed at creatives. For example, the demo at Fundsgiving gives organizations of all stature and employee strength the ability to use similar well-maintained fundraising tools like Kickstarter.

Small organizations can reach a larger supporter and donor base without the burden of expensive fundraising software. At the same time, large organizations should not have to build their own fundraising portal just to have the flexibility they need to run effective fundraising campaigns.

The impressive software is Google friendly, includes multiple global methods of payment, social sharing capabilities, donation by mobile shortcodes, widgets, custom URLs and more. Users and supporters on the site can easily submit a payment or browse existing campaigns.

The site like Kickstarter can be created from scratch starting from the five simple steps.

  • You need a domain name
  • A web hosting platform
  • Add WordPress to your site
  • Install your theme
  • Configure and Launch your site

Things to consider before you build a crowdfunding platform

As we know that there are many types of crowdfunding is available, we have to choose one from the broad categories which fit your business.

  • Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Reward-based crowdfunding is the most popular form of crowdfunding. Here the campaigners are seeking funding for their product or service. And the campaigners will promote their business, product or service to get small funding amounts from different people.

  • Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Equity-based crowdfunding allows people to become a part of the project as an owner or can deal with the risks and rewards of the business. Equity-Based crowdfunding requires business licenses. The investor has an option to sell his company share in the future. 

  • Donation-Based Crowdfunding

Donation-based crowdfunding is for charitable-based and community-based causes. In this type of crowdfunding, the supporters will donate money without the expectation of any rewards or returns. The owners of the platform will take a small percentage of administration costs. 

Now creating your own crowdfunding website can be a reality using the Kickstarter clone script by iScripts. This software can be purchased and customized to fit your specific needs at a reasonable cost. For more information, contact iScripts at (312)423-6728.

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