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Just Released: New Version Of iScripts NetMenus

by Ashley Zimmerman
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Even though restaurants can be grouped into a myriad of categories such as exotic, formal, cheap or type of cuisine, they all need to offer the same thing: a fine dining experience. But why keep the heights of good food contained within the doors of a local restaurant when you can dish it out online to customers at home?

This is why we decided to further enhance our successful online ordering and multi-restaurant delivery software, iScripts Netmenus.

We’ve improved the overall experience for end users by giving them the ability to search by various criteria, favorite and rate restaurants, view ratings, and even participate in a loyalty program.

We’ve also made business processes smoother by including features which will allow you to add custom payment methods for each restaurant, edit restaurant membership subscription plans, table reservations, direct billing settings, and commission rates applied to each restaurant’s sales. Take fine dining online by taking advantage of all the most recent software changes.

What’s changed in new iScripts NetMenus software?

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User Experience Enhancements:

  • The home page now includes a search bar with default text instructions such as “Zip Code” to effectively filter restaurants based on the user’s location.
  • When new users register to the site, they will have the option to opt-in to website and restaurant updates and newsletters. These two boxes will be checked by default.
  • A new 5-star rating system has been put in place. Ratings can be submitted by registered users. The total number of ratings and the average score will be displayed.
  • Rewards Program: Offer another incentive for users to return by offering a new loyalty/rewards program.

Additional Features for Site Administrators: 

  • Optional Payment Methods: Site administrators can assign either an “In-Person” or “Online” payment method to participating restaurants.
  • Commission Percentages: A majority of the wesbite’s revenue, if not all, will be generated by commission. Each restaurant will agree to pay a pre-defined monthly percentage of its total sales made through the website’s services, a feature included in the software.
  • Boost site performance even more with user-friendly URL’s, non-billable services, new graphic design elements and more!

Mobile Applications

We have exciting news for all customers currently using our online restaurant delivery software, iScripts NetMenus! End-users will be able to download a dedicated mobile application which will function similarly to your main online ordering and delivery website.

The new and updated applications will be available to download from either the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore.

Once downloaded, users will be able to add items to their shopping cart and complete a transaction based on the inventory of the website database. The mobile application business plan will accommodate the primary modes and business plan of your current website.

The mobile app will include:

  • Rewards Program Integration
  • Restaurant Ratings
  • Favorite Restaurants Process
  • Pay Online Enablement
  • Location-Based Search
  • Last Address Search

This mobile app is available for individual restaurant , multi location restaurant or even multi restaurant sites similar to grubhub.

We also released a Hostess app , which will enable hostess or kitchen to view online orders and confirm it so that you never get angry customers due to jammed fax machines or missed emails.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • Customizable iPhone app for diners to order online. This is available for Grubhub type service or individual restaurants.
  • Customizable android app for diners to order online
  • Customizable Tablet app for kitchen or Hostess to confirm orders. This is on top of existing order confirmation by website , email and fax.

Fine dining doesn’t have to be expensive or pretentious and neither does creating your website.  All of the features and functions mentioned above are included in the script. While we offer customizations for your convenience, they are not required in order to own a fully operational and income-generating online delivery website.

For any questions or inquiries, contact our development team at (312) 423-6728.

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