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Just Eat Online Food Ordering Platform

by Aji Abraham

Just Eat, UK based online food ordering and delivery company originally founded in Denmark in 2000 has now spanned their service over thirteen countries across the globe. As of now, Just Eat is leading in online takeaway ordering with  38,000 restaurants in their network while 12,000 in the UK alone. The company is formed by the merging of then takeaway companies, Just Eat led by Christian Frismodt and FoodZoom led by Jesper Buch.

After blending, company retained its name and logo as of former whereas it adopted the ordering strategies followed by the latter. By this time, the company has successfully acquired several leading firms of similar kind in many countries, RestauranteWeb in Brazil, Hungry Zone in India,  UrbanBite in UK, GrubCanada in Canada, SinDelantal in Spain for instance.

The unique feature that Just Eat takeaway system uses is a Just Connect Technology(JCT) Box , a two way receipt or order machine provided with all the restaurants in the network. A customer can place an order in the Just Eat website which is then redirected to JCT Box at restaurant side. The order can be accepted or rejected from restaurant end which upon approval send confirmation message to customer and prints order in JCT till box.

The company expands at a rapid phase by acquiring more companies from around the world. Till date, company have acquired nine companies of similar kind in UK, Canada, Spain, France, India and Brazil. These companies did have already set good infrastructure that enabled Just Eat to spread its network internationally with ease. As the company set a better network considering geographical span, Just Eat plans to further grow their business organically rather than more acquisitions.

Just Eat growth is aided by its customer friendly features including ‘order for future’ option so that registered user can save an order for another time. The other user features are adding favorite restaurants, online payments, checking order status, buffet search , filter search. iScripts NetMenus is a similar kind of Just Eat website except the former is a base script to build a Just Eat like full fledged online takeaway ordering website. Besides providing just eat clone script, iScripts NetMenus has an iPhone app version too.

Likewise, the script is inclusive of multiple payment gateways, support restaurant network either as multiple restaurants or restaurant chain. Also, an offline ordering feature and user guide together with closet restaurant search option makes the script user friendly. With reference from admin side,  the easy installation, option for Google Adsense and banners, easy custom theme integration, periodic reports make iScripts NetMenus script to rely on.

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