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June Customer Spotlight: SwapBanana

by Noyal Sharook
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SwapBanana is a premier swapping website where you can swap, wish, and sell your goods, gigs, and services. Members can search and browse through an extensive list of categories and find items that they may want, make offers and collaborate with other users to engage in an exchange. 

Members also have the option to access details about other members, their goods and services, as well as create a wish list for wanted or required items.  In this article, we’ll take a closer look at SwapBanana, how they work and what makes their online swapping system unique. 

How Does SwapBanana Work?

Let’s start with an example. Think about that old table you had down in the basement, that you never really made use of. What if you could trade it for a new pair of running shoes? Or, maybe you wanted to sell it. Now, imagine you posted about it on a platform, and somebody who had been looking for a used table accepted your offer via this online swapping system. Sounds great, right?
Well, this is exactly what SwapBanana does for you. It gives you a platform to swap any items to others who may have a use for them. Additionally, they also provide you with the feature to post what you wish or require. So with minimal effort, you get to engage in an exchange or transaction where both parties are in mutual agreement and get exactly what they are looking for in this swapping website.

Initially, you have to register an account with the platform. Though you may view or browse goods and services without registering an account, you’ll need to create one so that you can swap, sell or wish. The process is rather easy – you just have to fill out a short form and the information collected will be used for activities that accommodate the swapping, buying, or selling of items between members of this site.

Once you register, you can log in and access the ‘My Store’ link on the top. Over here, you can click on the ‘Add Item For Swap’ if you wish to make a swap deal, or click on the ‘Add Item For Sale’ if you wish to sell something. After selecting your option, fill in the required details regarding your product or service.

SwapBanana recommends only uploading .gig or .jpeg files as images since these are usually small and work well with the online system. You are not required to complete a swap deal or sale unless both you and your counterparty have confirmed that you want to go proceed with the deal, at which point you must continue with the deal. Until this point in time, you have the option to withdraw from the deal.

Now suppose you came across an item that you’re interested in. In such a case, you can contact the member by clicking on the ‘Make Offer’ button and sending a message. Note that this is the first step to getting started with making a deal.  Once both parties confirm the swap or sale, this online swapping website will give you the contact details of the other party and you may carry out the deal externally. 

What are the benefits?

You might already be familiar with a lot of swapping websites and barter exchange platforms. But here’s where it gets interesting with SwapBanana. While making a swap deal or sale, you have the ability to turn them either into cash $ or Bana ฿. Wait, what’s that? It’s their unique cash credit, where you can pay other members for buying or sweetening your swap deals online. Once your deal is done, a$1 or  ฿1 Bana member ad fee is applied. 

Another cool feature is the flexibility they offer. Members may pay for purchases through their website where payments go directly from the buyers to the sellers. Or, you have the option to contact sellers directly and offer to pay them cash, check, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, or other payment method of your choice.

Additionally, you can also create a wish list of goods and services that you always wanted. But it doesn’t end there. If you sign up for their free newsletter, you’ll get enrolled for free wish-to-swap match alerts which does everything by automatically matching your wishes with other for swap or sale items from other members. 

Wrap Up

As we mentioned in the article, SwapBanana is a great website to exchange value. You have the ability to swap, buy, and sell items using a payment method of your choice or by using their cash-credit ฿ Bana. Remember that it is wiser to use your ฿ Bana balance for transactions to save your cash money when transacting for goods, gigs, and services.

Now, has this online swapping website awoken the entrepreneur in you? If so, we’ve got something for you. Check out iScripts eSwap, a bartering system software that lets you create your very own online swap platform for buying, selling, and swapping items. 

It helps you totally skip the hassle of starting everything from scratch and lets you choose the kind of business model you want to adopt. Plus, it comes with mobile apps for iOS & Android as well. In short, it’s everything you need to build a great online swapping website and build a lucrative business.  Try the free demo today!

How do you get started with your online swapping website using eSwap? It’s quite easy: 

  1. Visit the iScripts website and buy a license for eSwap.
  2. Download and install the eSwap software on your computer.
  3. Make a new database for your eSwap website.
  4. Set up the design and adjust the settings for your eSwap website.
  5. Publish your eSwap website for others to see.

And that’s really it! Get started today.

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