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June Customer Spotlight: eThrift

by Sherine Mariam

Thrift stores or charity shops or even known as opportunity stores are usually run by non-profit organizations to raise out funds for helping the needy. This will help in reducing the number of products wasted across the globe that be reused or recycled.

Thrift Stores in LA

eThrift Group is a Los Angeles based CA startup working similarly for inventory management. eThrift works out to help customers recycle and reuse existing products underuse or unused by making such thrift stores or opportunity shops easily accessible to the public.

They work the local thrift stores and consignment shops in the region to easily make available their inventory to a wider audience. Getting into the details of the firm, eThrift is a local resale store, consignment, antique shop and a thrift app that customers can access online.

Thrift Store Shopping App - eThrift

Regarding the technical details on the development of eThrift, its UX is heavily inclined to the mobile device for browsing and listing inventory. Most of the vendor details are shared on the application to provide better transparency to the customers.

The eThrift iPhone mobile application constitutes the following features to also be integrated on the system: Google Ads, Stripe, Android and iOS Native Apps.

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