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New Customization Projects and Bespoke Software solutions

by Milan Mathew

We have customers all over the world taking advantage of our unique products and solutions! All of our software packages and products include 24/7 technical support and business models built right into the site model you choose. One breakthrough has been iScripts Multicart Enterprise – a distributed e-commerce platform. Check out these customers who have built their own online ventures using iScripts software packages:


8to18 FanStores is comprised of multi-tenant “fan stores” within an infrastructure that provides their hundreds of school sites with individual e-commerce solutions. The storefronts provide an opportunity to sell goods from various vendors to their student body.

This project was derived from iScripts MultiCart Enterprise. The software gives the ability to create a multi-tenant “fan store” infrastructure for the purpose of providing an e-commerce solution which can be managed from a single administration area.

The schools which are associated with 8to18 can utilize the service provided and new schools or resellers who wish to engage the services can sign up with the website. The usability goal is to provide as much automation between vendors and end-users as possible to reduce the workload on 8to18 Inc. staff.


iScripts MultiCart Enterprise is a complete ecommerce and logistics engine that allows site administrators to service a market with independent storefronts, vendors, fulfillment agencies, warehouses, resellers all working together to promote products from a single database.

multicartenterpriseThe software supports vendor, store, affiliate and reseller panels that allow third parties to sell and work independently to sell their own products, the site administrator’s products and or each other’s products.  This is ideal for multi-level marketing companies, medium to large businesses distributing products via representatives and consultants or ecommerce site owners looking for a more scalable solution.

Try it yourself by testing the Live Demo!

Great Western Valve

Great Western Valve is a certified company specialized in valve repairs and other safety measures. Their website has a portal named “ValveSpecs” which is used to deliver digital valve repair reports and pictures to customers. The users on the site are created from the admin panel and the admin needs a facility to avoid duplication while creating a user. The admin needs a database tweak through which the users will have multiple relationships with customer numbers. iScripts’ team of developers gained customer appreciation for bringing websites up to a world-wide standard and also making it easier for site administrators to manage their own business.


With so many options included in our multi-channel, multi-store software, you have the capability to create any type of multi-vendor storefront you want.

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at sales@iscripts.com or (312) 423-6728.

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