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New iScripts SocialWare- 4.0 is released

by Milan Mathew

It is finally here! Our iScripts product line has just expanded to include the latest version of iScripts SocialWare, Version 4.0! Our social networking and community script has gained widespread popularity through the years is completely rewritten from scratch to reflect a new generation of social networking

iScripts SocialWare is an open source, social networking software that allows you to quickly launch a social networking website. The software also supports privacy settings, links, photos, and videos.
socialwareSocial networking sites have experienced a massive amount of growth through the years and users are engaged now more than ever. By using a social networking script you can create your own social communities and niche sites. Features include personal messaging, chat, groups, events, search features, photo albums, events and articles, stories, jobs, tips, and wishes.

iScripts SocialWare Version 4.0 is accessible by latest versions of Firefox, Opera, and the latest versions of Internet Explorer.

Ready to create your own social networking site? All that’s needed besides the iScripts SocialWare script is a domain and hosting plan.

Benefits of using iScripts SocialWare include the ability to generate revenue through social commerce by establishing gift shops, affiliate programs, points system, ads, and membership fees. You can also enhance your existing business or website by encouraging social interaction among groups.

As this is a complete rewrite of the software, it is not compatible with the older version. We are working to develop a migration tool that would move customers from older iScripts Socialware implementations into the new one. We will update once the tool is ready for public use.

To experience the latest sensational changes for yourself, try the LIVE DEMO!

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728 or send an email to sales@iscripts.com

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