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iScripts.com Releases iScripts SupportDesk 4.2

by Ashley Zimmerman

October 23, 2012 — Today iScripts.com released iScripts SupportDesk 4.2, the latest version of the popular help desk software and the only help desk product on the market that integrates web-based help desk, live chat and remote desktop sharing.

Priced at $147, iScripts SupportDesk 4.2 is distributed with full source code (like all other iScripts products) that enables users to customize and adapt the software as needed.

Key features of iScripts SupportDesk 4.2 include service-level agreement functionality, enhanced workflow and management, remote desktop sharing, knowledgebase assimilation, a user-friendly AJAX based user interface, live chat,  advanced search options and email piping (with SMTP/POP3 support).  A thorough listing of the features is available at https://www.iscripts.com/supportdesk/features.php.

“iScripts Supportdesk 4.2 goes above and beyond in creating opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiency for customer support departments.  With tools like remote desktop sharing and integrated live chat, technicians using the system can begin to understand customer usage patterns and ultimately improve customer service.  It translates into real, long-term cost savings in customer service,” said Aji Abraham, founder and CEO of iScripts.com.

Real time desktop sharing, a core component of the iScripts Supportdesk 4.2, is uncommon in help desk software. This paired with the service-level agreement feature helps to reduce issue resolution time significantly, when compared to typical help desk, live chat or phone support options alone.

In addition to iScripts Supportdesk 4.2, iScripts.com offers a variety of other open source web scripts.  Products include iScripts SocialWare (social networking software), iScripts AutoHoster (web hosting script), iScripts EasyCreate (online website builder software), iScripts ReserveLogic (hotel registration), and iScripts GoStores (online store builder software).

About iScripts.com

iScripts develops and markets online business software for service providers and entrepreneurs. The company’s turnkey web software includes solutions for social networking, web hosting management, site builders, store builders, online data backups, marketplace and shopping cart software, and more. All the software products are distributed with full source code and a 30-day money back guarantee.



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