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iScripts Socialware 2.0, Social Networking Script, Released with Improvements

by Sheri Levitt

Many of our visitors have been inquiring about version 2.0 for the last few months. I am happy to announce iScripts Socialware 2.0 is finally out of beta and is released. You will find the new version at http://www.iScripts.com/socialware. Some of the main improvements for iScripts Socialware 2.0 over the previous release are the payment gateway support and audio/video sharing.

Initially, when social networking was introduced it was a free community. Over the last couple of years, new business models for social networking communities have emerged to make paid membership community a viable option. So if you have an idea where you think members will pay you to join, iScripts Socialware is for you. Your job is to create value for your members so that they will pay you. Of course, if you prefer the advertising-supported model for revenue generation, Google Adwords and regular banners are natively supported. Another revenue generation avenue is the gift store. You can have either virtual gifts or physical gifts in the store and your members can purchase them with virtual money or real money. If you are making the community portal for your friends and family, you can make it completely free and without any ads. No problem.

Audio/Video sharing support is a natural extension that many of our existing users have been requesting. Your members can upload their audio/video content or link it from other sources like Youtube. The admin can decide if you want to host the videos on the server or you just want to let the users link to other sites or if you do not want anything to do with videos. Most audio/video formats are supported.

Another important improvement is increased flexibility for the administrator to create a unique community experience. The administrator can enable or disable around fifteen different features for the community. You can pick and choose the features to create a unique community for your members. We have also added a number of different layouts for the users to select for the site based on the core theme of your community. Overall security of the product is also significantly improved from previous versions. For existing customers, there is an upgrade script for upgrading from previous releases to 2.0 version. The new version is a free cost for all those who purchased iScripts Socialware in the last one year.

The price of this social networking software platform is still unchanged and is $99.95 for a limited time. As usual, this is the total fees, no monthly/yearly fees. The product is a completely open source, nothing is encrypted. So you can make any customizable. We are also available to make any changes to the product. If you require any type of customizing please let us know we will be happy to provide a firm quote.

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