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New Product Release: iScripts SocialWare Enterprise

by Mariya Parackal
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The word social networking rose from obscurity to mainstream last year. There are many social networking software platforms available today. It could be the focal point of the second round of the web. We see a number of companies creating huge virtual communities for social, professional, and romantic interests.

These companies like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, have improved services for users to create their online profiles. In this platform, users can advertise their interesting areas and can connect with professionals, search and apply for jobs, know about new companies.

The project endeavors to create a social networking platform for people to connect and bring together people from across the globe. The social networking industry has rapidly expanded and continues to grow as people join the industry and will get involved with this application from across the globe to interact and share helpful thoughts. We believe it is more important than ever to keep strong relationships across the industry and best practices shared across the world through a vibrant, and dynamic network.

iScripts has introduced a professional social networking software platform called iScripts Socialware Enterprise. This professional social networking software platform, iScripts Socialware Enterprise, helps users to create a professional account for their future. Socialware Enterprise is similar to the Linkedin platform, which allows users to connect with professionals in a professional manner. The software can be easily customizable according to your platform requirements. The major features are: 

  • Users can build a great network and career
  • Companies and organizations can find and hire the right professionals

Working of Socialware Enterprise

Once users have successfully logged in to the platform, they can see the home page with multiple major menus. The home page will provide a rich user experience with the latest feeds. The posts can be images or text or clickable links and users can interact with each post with likes, comments, shares to their other social channels. 

The home page will allow users to create a new post by a dedicated link, and it will be directed to the “Create Post” page where users can create different posts with options to add text, photos, and clickable links on post creation. This includes YouTube video links as well and Users can edit and delete the post they create. The home page consists of main menus like articles, jobs, organization, and updates. 

A search bar functionality will allow users to search and refine relevant results. The platform allows users to connect with each other through one-on-one simple messaging features. This feature allows users to interact privately with other users by sending text messages. Users will be able to access other users’ profiles by clicking their image or name from the home feed. 

The home page will also list other links such as timeline, messages, and company pages. Users will also have access to the subscription page to become subscribed users. They can choose a monthly or yearly subscription with multiple options. Users can access the jobs menu and find the recently posted jobs by the organization or recruiters on the platform. It will be public to all users and have a dedicated button to apply for that job by uploading the resume from the local device.  

In the job postings section, any member can post jobs. This is a nifty feature to have a paid membership plan. If you have local community network sites, you can have a paid plan for local businesses. One of their perks is to post jobs in the community. Other regular members can potentially apply for the jobs.

There will be an Easy Apply option, which will allow users to complete their application with the user profile. Only subscribed users have the ability to post job openings along with the job title, location, description, and other details. Non-subscribed users have an opportunity to become registered users by accessing the subscription page. Subscribed users post a job with the following inputs: Job title, Job location, Company name, and Job description. 

Features of Socialware Enterprise


Create a unique blog using iScripts SocialWare Enterprise. Users can share thoughts, opinions, stories, and anything else with others. You will come across many interesting articles and news related to the different organizations. You can read them, share them with other people and present your views to other users. 


Users can have one on one chat with other users in their connection

Company Pages 

Users can create their company pages and can add jobs and articles under the company page. 


Like any other professional Networking platform, in iScripts Socialware Enterprise, you will come across various job openings. Since people do not get the correct information about job vacancies at the right time, It gives information about jobs across the globe. So sign up, create your profile and get job updates. Get proper training from specialists, learn new skills, and secure a job.


SocialWare Enterprise gives an opportunity for users to add their products and services and get inquiries for that.

Administration Area 

A web-based administration area will be provided for the administrator to control the primary functions of the website and access data as required. Once the administrator has successfully logged in to the platform, they will be presented with the primary administration dashboard. 

User Management Area

In the user management area, the administrator will be able to review a complete list of all users registered to the platform and their entered data. The administrator will be able to manage users as needed. The administrator can make users inactive at any time. 


The administrator will be granted several reports to monitor activity on the platform. The Subscription report will be available in the administration panel. 

Content Management 

A content management system will be provided to the administrator so they may edit the static content and applicable areas of the application. Static content areas including the terms and conditions, privacy policy, contact us instructions will be editable in this area.

Subscription Management 

The administrator can manage the subscription plans and fees from this area. Have the ability to add and manage monthly and yearly subscription plans. 

Category Management

The administrator can create and manage various categories that can be applicable for article posting. Admin can manage the jobs, company claim requests, and other updates from the admin panel.

Ready to create a professional social networking website?

All that’s needed besides the iScripts SocialWare Enterprise script is a domain and hosting plan. iScripts also offers customization services for customers. If you believe the software is close to your requirements, we can customize the software to meet your exact needs. Check with the demo of the professional social networking script.

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