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iScripts Socialware 2.2 is released

by Aji Abraham

We have just released iScripts Socialware 2.2 to make the social networking software even better and reliable. The key feature introduced in the new release is a point system and improvement to the job posts section and layouts.

As you know one of the key factor to keep any social community grow is to keep the members engaged. The point system allows social community managers to create a way to engage the members to reward for being active. The point system is fully configurable and admin can decide how many points for which activities. The sample activities include inviting others to join the community, writing a blog, forum post, adding video, picture etc.. This encourages users to add more content and members to the social network. Members have a leader board that show where members with the points. Also members can redeem the points for virtual gifts or real gifts as decided by the social network admin.

In the job postings section now any member can post jobs. This is nifty feature to have a paid membership plans. If you have local community network sites, you can have a paid plan for local businesses. One of their perks is to post jobs in the community. Other regular members can potentially apply to the jobs.

We have also added a number of new professional layouts. Now you have around 30 beautiful layouts or themes to choose from. These layouts cover number of industries and community types. So pick one that best suits your future community or we can create a custom design from scratch.

In addition to it we have improved a lot of minor things across the website. We have paid attention to improving the usability of the website from administrator perspective and end user perspective.

You can test drive the new version at the live demo.

As usual the new release is a free upgrade if you purchased a license in the last 12 months. Others can upgrade if they have an extended support/upgrade plan. You can purchase a extended support/upgrade plan for $50 per year.

Please let us know your feedback on the new version.

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