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New Release: iScripts ReserveLogic Version 3.0

by Sheri Levitt

Product: iScripts ReserveLogic
Current Version: 2.0
Updated Version:3.0

Since the unveiling of iScripts ReserveLogic, the package has enhanced online booking and reservation processes for bed and breakfasts, resorts, motels, timeshare agencies, vacation rentals, resorts, small hotels, guest houses, tour/travel companies, campgrounds and more.

Now we’ve added even more to the robust booking software package! See these additional features added to the new version of iScripts ReserveLogic:

  • Seasonal Rate Management – Rates typically change according to season and availability. Stay competitive by setting various rates throughout the year.
  • New Payment Gateways –  BluePay and PayPal Pro – Now you and guests have even more flexibility when it comes to payment options.
  • Multiple Currency Management – Now users from around the world can use the script and match currency accordingly.
  • Additional Guest Charges Management – Now the script will allow site admins to charge for additional guests if required.
  • SEO Friendly URL’s – Customize your URLs to give your site an added boost in search results
  • Embed Code Generator – Enter a URL and generate an HTML code that can be easily used to embed on another site or blog.
  • Responsive Design & Enhanced Usability – Any usability issues have been addressed while also improving the design and functionality of the site across multiple devices and platforms.

Additional features already included in the script are: Advanced Search Functionality, User Rating and Review Systems, Social Sharing Plugins (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+), Integrated Google Maps, Multiple Staff User Support, Powerful Panels and Reports, along with 100% Open Source Script with No Encryption for Easy Customization. Choose Your Site Theme, Pictures and Copy, Edit Cancellation Procedures, Opt to Accept Phone Orders and Offer Seasonal Rates and Specials.

Hotel reservation software

Want to try it out for yourself? See the DEMO Here

Choose from 3 operating modes to fit your goals: Resort/Hotel/B&B Model, Hotel Agent Model (those who have multiple properties located within the same general area), or the Travel Agent Model (Similar to Airbnb, the system allows you to create a site with multiple locations and destinations, without owning property).

For more information or questions related to how you can take advantage of the platform, contact us at (312) 423-6728.

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