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iScripts Netmenus Delivers Success for Food Industry

by Sheri Levitt

Both restaurants and consumers are witnessing rapid growth and increased popularity in online ordering. While increasing revenue, improving efficiency, customer loyalty and ROI for restaurants, customers enjoy the convenience and ease-of-use while also having complete control over the ordering process.

Restaurants currently using an online system report a considerable increase in order frequency over time. By implementing an online ordering system, restaurants can successfully generate incremental revenue while reducing labor, increasing order accuracy and freeing up employees to handle in-person customers rather than being tied up on the phone handling an order.

Another notable benefit becomes obvious when running online promotions. While the ROI on general promotions may not always work as anticipated, it has also been shown that online promotions work better compared to traditional offers. Since online ordering provides restaurants with key customer information, targeted customer campaigns can be developed.

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Who Uses Online Ordering Systems the Most?

Customers order from online ordering systems to get the things they need quickly.

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How Can You Get a Taste of This Market?

While you may be accustomed to hearing about big players such as GrubHub and Seamless, it possible for you successfully profit. You can do so by using a pre-built online ordering platform such as iScripts NetMenus and then contacting local food establishments to set up your partnerships.

A pre-made app will cut your startup and development costs while also allowing you to scale your target and scope as wide as you would like. With this option, you can offer the site to a local niche market, or a larger area, but only including bakeries, Asian food or another specific niche of your choice.

The most important factors that drive customers to use an online ordering system include ease of use, order accuracy, and credit card acceptance. This multi-restaurant online ordering system allows users to search restaurants, easily customize orders, and submit payments so deliveries can be made right to their doorstep.

The powerful administration area allows you to list participating restaurants, customize menus, manage user plans, memberships and many more. A peer to peer feedback system is also included so users can add and view ratings. Keep track of website performance by using the built-in automatically generated reports section.

If you’d like, you can also pair the iScripts NetMenus script with an open-source mobile app like the GizmoPlay Restaurant Menu App, and you will have a ready-made duo you can brand and make all your own!
For more information, on iScripts NetMenus contact us at 1-(800)-569-5538 or sales@iscripts.com or visit the online demo.

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