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iScripts MultiCart Buyer Android App

by Ashley Zimmerman

If you’re interested in starting an ecommerce website, iScripts MultiCart is the perfect solution as it offers numerous features for under $200, and now, an app for effortless product and transaction management.


The new buyer app was exclusively developed for an improved user experience. This app allows your online users to place orders online while flawlessly navigating and browsing through various products.

Feature List:

  • Intuitive Search: “Auto Suggestions Enabled” searches give you the ability to sift through all available products.
  • Category Listings: Browse through a number of categories to find and discover products that are of interest to you.
  • Smart Sort: Sort listings according to price, vendor name or type – and of course – ratings.

Your sellers will also experience an easy way to upload products as soon as they become available, wherever that may be. All products added to the site by sellers using the app will be immediately added to stock and displayed to buyers. This is a huge added convenience for your tech-savvy sellers eager to list and sell products on the go any time, anywhere!

Complete Feature List:

  • Product Management: The app encourages your sellers to offer products as soon as they are available. Sellers have the ability to add, edit or delete products using the app rather than sitting at a computer. This includes easily uploading images!
  • Product Review: Sellers can read through a list of product reviews created by customers. These can also be sorted by product name.
  • Product Search: Sellers can search within their own products to decide whether or not editing or deleting products is a necessary action.
  • Ordering System: Ensure your sellers have access to new orders at all times. The app allows sellers to view the list of recent orders, order history, and change the status of each order, as needed.
  • Refund Management: Sellers can view requested refunds and take an action by updating the status button.
  • Payment Request: Sellers can request payment from the buyer by using this feature.
  • Payment History: Sellers can view the list of completed transactions through the store. Sellers also have the ability to browse through all transactions within the payment history.
  • Messaging: The app allows buyers and sellers to communicate without restraints or delays, leading to quicker purchases and actions. Sellers can view the messages sent by the buyers and respond as needed in a timely fashion.

Use the iScripts MultiCart software package to create a site similar to Amazon or Etsy, or just expand on your existing online business!

Our new Android app will certainly bring your website up to a new level, enabling you to compete in an industry that is constantly evolving. The multi vendor software also includes important features such as listing fees, automated commission and subscriptions, Google AdWords, digital product compatibility, customer reviews, search options, coupon code functionality, shipping and tax management, and more. See the iScripts MultiCart Demo to experience how easy it is to setup your own modern eCommerce site.

Call us at (312) 423-6728 with any questions! We’d be happy to answer your questions regarding the software along with explaining how the new app can make a difference for your new or existing business. We also offer custom work at reasonable rates, for those who may require it.

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