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iScripts Releases New Version of iScripts eSwap – Virtual Swap Meet Software

by Sheri Levitt

Version 2.1 for iScripts eSwap barter network solution generally available;

Chicago, IL, Aug. 18 — iScripts.com today announced the general availability of the newest version 2.1 for the iScripts eSwap Virtual Swapmeet Software solution beginning August 18, 2010. This comprehensive, fully integrated on-demand swap business management suite is now available for instant download and implementation.

For customers who purchased the iScripts eSwap software within the last 12 months, the upgrade is free of charge at iscripts.com/eSwap through the service agreement that is included with purchase.

Additionally, current users outside of 12months of use willing to renew their support agreement for a nominal fee of $49.95 may access the upgrade for free as well. iScripts eSwap software retails to new customers for $147 complete with one full year of technical support.

iScripts eSwap - barter software package
iScripts eSwap – barter software

The general availability of version 2.1 for iScripts.com eSwap delivers significant customer-centric innovations including a real-time, web-based point system(virtual currency) with custom conversion ratio change, professional looking customizable themes, additional monetization options including listing fees, success fees, legacy subscription fees and increased flexibility thereof.

This increases the number of business models that can be used with this innovative barter software.
The new version provides the administrator with increased options to harness the ongoing activity necessary to support any profitable business plan with a staffing solution and reduce overall site maintenance.

In addition to being fully engineered to provide multi-gateway payment capability, it has been engineered for customer- and referral-specific business extensions and provides flexibility to easily make changes to the default user interface, reports and forms. It also leverages the proven life cycle of a business plan management system from proven successes from the previous version.

Referral business continues to be a core part of the proactive market strategy for any eCommerce solution as well as solution resellers and developers leverage the new business model and opportunities to the advantage of entrepreneurs.

Fully Functional Software Suite Increases Opportunity for Immediate Profitability Standard package includes predefined, focused categories with sub-section capability as well as numerous other stability and functionality improvements over the last version, starting at $147.

A dedicated installation folder, as well as embedded visuals and graphics, enables these packages to be implemented quickly, in as little as ten to fifteen minutes depending on hosting requirements. As the business grows, administrators can expand the scope and turn on additional functionality that is already built into the solution.

Available immediately, the standard packages currently available include:

• Multiple Voluntary Monetization Options – Administrators of sites equipped with the newest version have access to many options to additionally monetize their site.

• Recurring Subscription fees
• Listing fees per item
• Success fees once a listing results in a transaction

Available now, additional fees can be placed on premium listings to increase traffic to certain swappable items and increase exposure, much like traditional advertising space. Listing fees can be arranged based on listing price similar to eBay listing fees.

Another option is to have a recurring subscription fee for your members. Success fees allow the administrator to capture additional revenue that would offset site maintenance. Fees for time-frame subscriptions have been requested and allow sites with high-in-demand swappable products to harness repeat customers.

Each of these fees is customizable and optional. So if you want to operate your barter network as a free site, you can do that as well.

• Point System Implementation – With regards to the most profitable business plans, an optional points system has been utilized to allow for an instant ability to manipulate transactions. A custom conversion field allows administrators to change the dollar amount per point.

Points allow for funds to be kept under control of the site and can be added and subtracted by the webmaster. The administrator can name these points/virtual currency any name. This point system enables more transactions as members can trade with others even if there is only a single transaction is happening at any given time.

The administrator can also choose if members can monetize their point and if they can transfer points between users.

• Visual Graphic Design Customization – Administrators looking to further brand their site can add a visual look representative of their products or company culture. Additional customization allows for user-friendly.

CSS code to be used directly with the administrators’ interface and greatly change the look and feel of their site. As many niche markets emerge with custom-tailored solutions, and end-user visual style continues to be among the most important factors in generating significant traffic.

• Reports – We have added enhanced reports for sales, members, transactions, etc.. These reports can be exported to other applications

• Payment Gateways – We have added new payment gateways like BluePay, Google Checkout, 2Checkout in addition to existing Autorize.net, Worldpay and Paypal.

Many additional features are being added to the software. Whether you’re looking to add a new feature to your existing site our capture a niche market with this software, it has the power and capability to handle any type of trade traffic on the internet.

If there are additional features that your niche requires, contact us for a fixed-price quote on customization.

Visit iScripts.com/eSwap for more information and a live demo.

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