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New Version Release – iScripts EasyBiller 2.0

by Mariya Parackal

Online billing software is an application that enables customers to make payments online. Paying bills online is the most convenient method for most of the customers as it is might be a one-time settlement. Customers can pay through their phones, laptops, or any smart devices. Basic online billing software will let you send invoices and collect payments from customers. 

We are pleased to announce a new and improved version of iScripts EasyBiller, the online billing software for service businesses with the most-needed features and functionalities similar to the best online billing software companies. 

iScripts EasyBiller is an online billing software and a one-stop solution for sending bills, generating invoices, selecting subscription plans, collecting payments, customer account management, wallet management and more via electronic mode for any service business. 

It focuses on creating specifically for service-based businesses. The advanced software will be provided an intuitive mechanism for changing the billing and account management to an online self-serve model. There are many features packed into this software, including a Mobile App. As one of our most popular software packages, you’ll enjoy taking advantage of all the features it offers.

The New version of iScripts EasyBiller 2.0:

online billing software

New Features of iScripts EasyBiller

The below points define the interactions between the administrator and the software within the admin panel. 

  • Subscription Plan Management: The admin can create and manage subscription plans from the admin panel according to their needs.  
  • Link and Content Management: The admin can create and manage basic content and links from the admin panel. 
  • User Management: The admin can create and manage users from the admin panel. 
  • Wallet Management: The admin can create and manage predefined conditions of the wallet system from the admin panel and can debit or credit the amount to the customer’s wallet based on certain factors.
  • Invoice Management: Admin can create a new invoice based on the user’s subscription plans. And can manually update the invoice status by filling the payment details If the client has made the payment through an offline method.
  • Report Export Capability: The admin can download multiple reports like payment reports, registered users report, invoice reports, plans report, wallet transaction reports, and more.

In this new version of iScripts EasyBiller, we were more focused on offering an improved user-friendly experience in both Android and ios applications. This comes with a new change in the design and also adding more features to the current offering. We’ve been continuously monitoring current technology, and iScripts always try to integrate the most needed features for our clients through these updates. 

The new iScripts EasyBiller is now released with additional features in the updated version, available for both web and mobile applications.

The below points define the interactions between the customer and the software within the customer dashboard.

  • Login through Website or Mobile App: The users can view and access the home page, the homepage will provide a rich user experience with multiple areas for content, navigations, and links.
  • Select and manage subscription plan: The customer can buy a subscription plan from the customer dashboard.
  • Access invoices and pay online: The customer can view all the generated invoices, details and status and can make the transactions.
  • Profile Management: The customer can manage their profile anytime after a successful registration. They can edit and update all the personal information like contact details, profile image and more.
  • Access Wallet: The customer can view the history, details and wallet points from the wallet area.
  • Subscribe a plan and pay online: The customer can buy a subscription plan without registering. They can choose a plan and review it before confirming the plan.

Other features of iScripts EasyBiller are:

  • Supports online ordering of services 
  • Billing and customer management 
  • Supports multiple plans and options
  • Easy Invoice Management 
  • Offers Complete Billing Automation
  • Supports different Payment Gateways
  • 100% open source available 
  • Customize the software as you need  
  • Powerful admin panel to manage users, payment, invoices, etc.

What are the reasons to start using Online Billing software?

Online billing software is a secure method of collecting payments. The purpose of online billing software is to automate and manage operations like online billing, invoicing, customer management which is beneficial for all businesses. 

Here are some reasons that tell how online billing software improves your business. 

  • Get rid of calculation errors
  • Keep subscriptions organized
  • Save money on administration
  • Stay more transparent
  • Create automated reports
  • Send consistent invoices
  • Bill customers from anywhere
  • Faster client communications
  • Use less paper and stamps
  • Get paid on time

These are some of the ways that an efficient online billing software can greatly improve the efficiency of your business. 

Benefits of a Billing Software

Online billing software is a tool that helps to send professional invoices and many more services offer efficiently. The various benefits of online billing software are:

  • Reduce Administration
  • Manage Subscription Billing
  • Minimize Errors
  • Create Transparency
  • Integrate Systems

Good billing software will save countless hours of your company by eliminating manual data entry and constant follow-ups.

iScripts EasyBiller Mobile App

Technological advancements had brought sophisticated changes in the online billing software system. Today, everyone like to purchase things they want from wherever they are without making any additional efforts. Many apps are available to fulfill customer needs, like on-demand apps, delivery apps, eCommerce apps and so on. 

Online billing software

For startups, those who are coming up with new business plans only have to do is install the iScripts EasyBiller on your server, it can easily deliver the perfect billing solution for your business. You will be able to create an efficient online billing system within minutes. Add your own logo, plans, and services to the system and receive payments from your customers through the payment gateways of your choice.

Organizations need to choose the best online billing app with perfect invoicing software for long term use. iScripts EasyBiller comes up with Android and iOS apps to facilitate effective financial management in small-medium organizations. Check the demo if iScripts EasyBiller to get a better idea.

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